Brand Planning Motorbike


Creating strong brands really just takes common sense. Too much has been made of the complexitis involved in creating brands. What you need to be really sure of is that your brand is firing on all four cylinders. This workshop shows you how brand planning is as simple as riding a motorbike. Of course, if you think youll fall, you will. It takes practice and this two-day workshop provides you with enough experience to be able to steer any kind of brand with confidence. Learn how to * Plan brands with confidence* Discover consumer insights with ease* Answer the four key questions that power a brand to success* Create a long term route map for your brand


Contents of Training:

Introductions The Univbrands Learn-by-Doing Technique Go ahead, create a brand. Participants get a taste of using common sense in brand building Secret to the consumers heart Two key questions Ask the consumer. How to get consumers to open up Meet the consumer. Participants meet real world consumers to get hands-on practice The Aha Trees. An insight generation technique Overnight assignment The Aha Factor. Participants present their discoveries about their brands Crafting the Brands Persona. How to make the Consumer befriend the brand Creating an Extendible Branding Idea. Techniques to create an idea that will help your brand become well-loved Coffee and Work Time Is your brand firing on all four cylinders?Final presentations by participants End of Workshop

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This workshop is for professionals and entrepreneurs who are keen to grow their businesses into strong brands. Brands that have earned the trust of their consumers. Recommended for any ambitious middle level or senior level manager keen to master marketings strongest tool. Equally useful for graduates or post-graduates.