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Applied Health, Safety & Environment (HSE)


Recognition of safety-related risks is fundamental to all management and professional roles in industry. This course equips participants with the basic principles of hazard recognition, and use of safety techniques and safety management to control hazards in workplace. A key benefit is the ability to identify common hazards and how to control them. A safety training program gives your employees the knowledge they need to complete their jobs while remaining safe at all times.

A variety of exercises, readings, videos and case studies will be used to understand and practice the leadership, behavioral and other tools used in day to day task. This course is Basics of Health and/or Basics of Environment, and serves as a foundation for participants seeking HSE/Management/HR or any other personnel interested to know about safety.


Question and answer session, powerpoint presentation, group discussion.

Contents of Training:

Session 1:
Opening formalities

Welcome & Keynote Address
Introduction of Course Facilitator
Seminar Objectives & Agenda Review

An introduction to health & safety
Costs of accident and Ill-health
Employers Responsibility
Regulatory Framework

Safety techniques for hazards, effects & controls
General Safety
Types of Risk Assessment Tools
Risk Ranking
Analysis of Risk Assessment Tools
Identification of workplace hazards
Job Safety Analysis
Safety management tools

Session 2:
Fire Safety & Facility Specific Emergency Management Plan (EMP)

Fire Safety (Fire hazards & controls)
Fire Extinguisher
Fire Hydrant/ Hose Reel
International Statutory Bodies

Handling of Hazardous Chemicals
Chemical inventory
Labeling and marking systems
Chemical safe handling procedures
Chemical exposure
Chemical hazard classes
Routes of entry
Hazard recognition
Ways to protect yourself
Hazard warnings

Session 3:
Safe system of work

Method Statement
Permit To Work System

Personal protective equipment(PPE)
Benefit & need of using PPE
Hazard Assessment
General PPE Standard
Common types of PPE and its applications
Head Protection
Eyes & Face Protection
Hearing Protection
Hand & Foot Protection
Respiratory Protection
Proper uses and care of PPE
Proper Maintenance, Inspection & Storage

Session 4:
Manual handling & ergonomics

Definition of Ergonomics
Risk Factors and Symptoms
Lifting Safety
Repetitive Stress Injury Prevention

Construction safety
Ladder safety
Scaffolding Safety
Fall protection
Excavation Safety
Electrical Safety
Environmental Care

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All staff in the industries, requiring a basic awareness of safety techniques and management including: Operations, Engineers, Plant Manager, Compliance Manager, HR Manager, Maintenance Manager, Plant Manager, Production Executive, Supervisors, Project Managers, Safety Representatives and non-safety HSE Professionals. It is a core course for any persons who can influence safety within the organization and is also ideal for anyone new to the industry with no prior safety knowledge.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.