Creative & Successful Selling Techniques for Excellence training centre in Bangladesh


Creative & Successful Selling Techniques for Excellence


Generally selling function is considered as anybody's job in total regard to its professional requirement. This is one of the few functions within a business corporation that operates in the external context 100%. The outcome of an organizations success clearly depends on how effective its sales team is.
In most cases the matter is left to the individuals own ability to sell in which case he is described as a “Born Salesperson”. But regardless whether someone is born salesperson or not, this particular profession requires certain skills and competencies which must be acquired through proper training by all tiers of sales positions in a sales team starting from foot soldiers to the Sales Manager.
To achieve targeted sales objectives and sustain results, there is no other alternative to a highly trained sales force. Unfortunately trainings are given in most cases they are poor in quality– because they are mostly theoretical and lack any relevance to our market, conceptual clarity, sequential programming and impact.
A highly interactive training session specially designed with a practical and motivational thrust for key personnel engaged in Sales Promotion to develop a strong Marketing approach and develop a basic knowledge of Trade Marketing to maximize Productivity, Sales volume & Profitability.
This exciting and informative day-long training session will give you a competitive edge. Delivering real-time sales intelligence, this comprehensive sales training will help you discover what it takes to reach your sales potential. The goals of this Training are to:
•  Learn the modern concepts and elements of smart selling.
•  Understand and influence customer's buying decision for maximum profit.
•  Become an expert on Prospecting, Industry research and Market Segmentation.
•  Learn creative selling ideas that made ordinary company successful in the global market.
•  Determine those elements of the firm's sales and customer service which have the greatest potential for productivity improvement.
•  Create value for the customer and capture your market share
Establish your brand and stay ahead of competitions.


� PowerPoint and Video clips presentation
� Handout/ Book
� Individual/Group discussion

Contents of Training:

1.  Defining Sales Person
  • Who is a salesman
  • Requisite skills for a salesman
  • Key responsibilities of a salesman
2.  Functions of a Sales person
  • Analyzing the market
  • Understanding customers
  • Understanding customers' need
  • Developing winning strategy
3.  Roles of a Sales person
  •   Representing the company
  •   Differentiating offers
  •   Adding value
  •   Ensuring purchase and repurchase
  •   Providing ethical solution
4.  Improving Sales performance
  • Analysis stage
  • Sales planning stage
  • Executing stage
5.  Power of Trade Marketing
  • Importance of trade marketing
  • POSM understanding

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This daylong training program will be extremely benefited for:
• Area/ Territory Sales Manager
• Territory Sales Officer / Executive
• Distribution/ Retail Sales Supervisor/ Representative
• Students who wish to develop their career in Sales
• Trade Marketing Representative
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.