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Essential Skills for Professionals


Everyday managers and executives are faced with different challenges in the workplace. Business organizations in the 21st century have evolved greatly and so has the roles of business leaders. As a result, employers are looking into soft skills of their employees in addition to the technical knowledge and educational backgrounds, that help professionals deal with different aspects of contemporary business organization .Unfortunately many of the employees don't come equipped with such skills when they hit the workplace and employers lack the time to wait for the employees to pick up these skills through trial and error methods. Essential Skills for Professionals is a two day workshop aims to meet this crying need of businesses who want to be competitive through the excellence of their human resources.

After attending the workshop, the participants should be able to-
- Develop awareness about and learn the importance of the essential soft skills required by a professional in the 21st century
- Manage time effectively and efficiently, using relevant time management tools
- Act as a confident ,supportive and productive member of a work team
- Develop effective conflict management skills
- Develop analytical ability and problem solving skills to address work related issues
- Apply the skills learned from the workshop in the actual work places


Discussion and presentations
Group, Peer and individual activities
Business games
Home assignments

Contents of Training:

1. Essential skills for professionals- What they are and why is it worth to learn about them?

The Basics of Time Management
1. What is effective and efficient time management
2. Identifying and handling common time management problems
3. Effective use of time management tools
4. Time Management planning exercise

Working in A Team
1. Effective work teams-¡¥the make or break¡¦ factors
2. How to be an asset to the team
3. Making the best of criticism

Effective Interpersonal Relationship
1. Develop effective work relationships with colleagues and supervisor(s)
2. Demonstrating respect at work
3. Dealing with difficult people
4. Receive and give feedback with grace and dignity

Managing Conflict and Achieving Resolutions that Work
1. Why does conflicts arise and why we need to resolve them
2. Interpersonal conflicts at work
3. Different ways of managing conflicts and achieving resolutions
4. Conflict resolution in work teams

Problem Solving and Decision Making
1. Importance of problem solving skills in business
2. Problem solving skills
3. Steps in problem solving
4. Using basic problem solving tools
5. Business decision making
6. Stakeholders in the decision making process
7. Effective decision making techniques

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Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.