Creating the Repeat Customer training centre in Bangladesh


Creating the Repeat Customer


Stress among employees in the customer support centre, low employee morale and as a result, poor customer satisfaction has proven to ruin success in customer service innumerable times. What can you do to make your customer service outstanding? It is a self-motivated team working towards building a strong bond with customers by keeping an open-door for customers all the time, maintaining self-control, being aware of their own emotions and that of customers, all of which constitute Emotional Intelligence, which results in successful customer service.

Knowing what has to be done only sets your goal but it is not enough to make customer service successful, but rather, knowing how things are done accounts for 85% of your success in the business. Customer service, a highly sensitive profession as it is, requires careful management of stress, self-control of ones emotions in critical situations, empathising with customers, a strong drive for every individual employee that align them with the company goal in order to retain and establish a good relationship with the customers. Emotional Intelligence equips individuals with such competencies and therefore helps them to excel in Customer Service.

Benefits from the workshop
This workshop introduces the competencies of Emotional Intelligence, that is, self-control, self-awareness, empathy for customers, self-motivation and stress management, and strategies to adapt them which will help participants to develop and excel in delivering an optimum Customer Service.


Power-Point Presentation, Activities In Groups, Discussion of Case Studies, Printed Hand-Outs of PPT Slides.

Contents of Training:

Benefits from the competencies in the context of Customer Service:
Knowing Yourself
Self-control & Stress Management
Empathy: Awareness for Others
Relationship Success

Strategies to adapt EI for successful Customer Service
Activity: Case studies in Global & Local Context
Activity: Test EI practically by role play

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Fresh graduates, Employees at Entry-Level and Mid-Level Executives who often have interactions with customers.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.