Selling Engine training centre in Bangladesh


Selling Engine


A sure shot Selling Skills Development Course
Inborn, theoretical or experience based selling skills help people to carry on their everyday selling events. But a Practical Learning of the selling techniques boost the selling effectiveness and efficiency and help sales people make more effective sales calls every day, everywhere.
The experienced, new and existing employees having sales/business target will have a permanent strong foundation when gone through this High-Value training of effectiveness.
To add to the participants’ present inventory of skills in the following areas:
- the meaning of a sales call
- practicing sales call planning
- the approach and presentation techniques
- handling customer responses
- ensuring positive reinforcement
- developing different types of closes
- following-up on calls and prospecting
- produce better results


Question and answer session, Exercise, Interactive lecture.

Contents of Training:

•Understanding customer's motives to buy product/service/idea/project.
•Selling ladders: Steps to go through when selling
•Prospecting: Preparing the foundation of all sales calls
•Pre-approach: Planning and setting objective for all calls
•Developing Questioning Skills: Identifying needs & controlling the customers.
•Presenting benefits: Matching the product with what the customers need/want.
•Effective approach and opening techniques: The first impression.
•Customer responses: Handling responses & objections.
•The buying signal: Tracking the opportunity.
•Sales closing: The ultimate in selling.
•The follow-up: Call success Vs. areas of improvement.

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•The workshop is designed for the junior to mid-level persons involved in sales and/or marketing of products, ideas or services
•Persons who are controlling/supervising/leading sales people.
•Persons who want to build career in sales and/or marketing.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.