Project Management for Engineers & Technicians training centre in Bangladesh

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Project Management for Engineers & Technicians


Project Management can only be effective if the nominated project manager and people working on a project understand the critical factors for the successful achievement of project objectives. They must also have the practical skills necessary to plan and control the project through the various phases. This workshop provides the essential knowledge and practical expertise that will enable attendees to effectively apply current project management techniques to their projects. This two-day workshop culminates in a project planning session where participants work in groups to develop and document an outline project plan for a defined scenario.

How participants will benefit after the course:
• Meet deadlines and complete projects within budget and on time
• Plan projects and manage resources effectively
• Develop the personal skills critical to effective project management
• Organize and improve performance to create a productive and competent team
• Evaluate and make immediate use of Engineering Project Management  
• Effectively manage the organizational environment


Contents of Training:

Day One:

Fundamentals of Project Management:
• Overview of the project environment
• Project life cycle and phases
• Project objectives
• Project success
• Project planning

Project Finance & Cost Estimating:
• Funding for projects
• Financial Engineering
• Cost estimating techniques
• Information technology in estimating

Value, Quality and Environmental Management:
• Why, when & how to apply value management
• Benefits of Value Management
• Total quality management
• Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

• Programming
• Network Analysis
• Exercises

Day Two:

Risk Management:
• Risk management defined
• Engineering Risk
• Risk analysis
• Risk & uncertainty management

Contractor Selection Process, Contract Policy and Documents:
• Contractor Choice
• Standard conditions of contract
• Tender and contract documentation
• Tender evaluation

Project Organization Design & Design Management:
• Organizations
• Building blocks of organizations
• Structure in the international context
• The role of Design management
• Design of manufacturing

Project Management in Developing Country:
• What makes developing countries different
• Finance and funding
• Appropriate technology
• Technology transfer
• Corruption

The future for Engineering Project Management:
• The role of the parties
• Guidelines for project management
• Project management – the way ahead

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Project Management
• Engineering Professionals
• Technical Personnel
• Maintenance/Supervisory Managers

• Project Team Members in:
- Manufacturing - Process industries - Research & development utilities - Local authorities