HRM for Non HR Professionals training centre in Bangladesh


HRM for Non HR Professionals


This workshop seeks to provide a critical and in-depth analysis of Human Resource Management (HRM) by offering a wealth of knowledge and discussions on the theory and practice. As an HRM foundation workshop, it explores key professional processes and practices associated with HRM including: planning, obtaining, development and maintenance, and other issues. Additionally, it examines trends in HRM practices, taking account of projected demographical, legal, technological and economic changes.On satisfying the requirement of this workshop, participants will have the knowledge and skills to:

1. understand, implementation and evaluation of HRM functions in organisational setup and analysis ofimpact of these functions on organisational structure and culture.

2. improve key management competencies in HR planning, decision making, critical thinking, leadership,communication, interpersonal, analytical and presentation skill.

3. gain necessary insight, ability and competence to become a good manager.

This unit with a more integrated approach ensures that participants would know the basics of HRM better than from any other source.


Interactive lectures and discussion sessions, Multimedia presentations, Case exercises and sharing of experiences and ideas, Question and answer sessions.

Contents of Training:

Session 1: Introduction to HRM
• Conceptual understanding
• Theoretical and historical development of HRM
• Activities of HRM

Session 2: Traditional Issues of HRM
• HR planning - manpower planning and forecasting
• Employee acquisition - job analysis, employer branding, recruitment, selection
• Employee performance management - performance appraisal
• Employee development - training, development, career management
• Employee maintenance - rewards, remuneration, motivation, growth

Session 3: Transformational Issues of HRM
• Ethical and legal perspectives of HRM
• Learning and sharing culture
• Diversity management
• Change management

Session 4: Contemporary Issues of HRM
• Employee surveillance and monitoring
• Humour and emotion management
• Occupational health & safety
• Participants’ identified issues

Session 5: Recent Developments of HRM
• Paradigm shift in business environment
• Intellectual capital attraction, utilisation & retention
• Competency development
• Leadership Pipeline & Managerial Grid model
• Future roles of HRM

Session 6: HR Audit
• Measuring effectiveness of HR activities
• Impact and ROI analysis
• Evaluation of HRM tasks

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Human Resource
• Entry and middle level HR managers and executives of organisations who are from non-HR background.
• Anyone with an interest of learning the basics of HRM for future career growth in managerial positions of any department.
• Recent university graduates with no or little HR knowledge.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.