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Business Process Framework


Today’s world business is moving fast ,open for all , facing tremendous competition , changing the pattern quickly and running with technology advancement . On the other hand Business enterprise have to keep it’s Brand value up to mark and have to keep business relationship with employees, stakeholders and customers ensuring total engagement though cost is rising, strong challenges are coming from competitors, Opportunities and threats come and go faster than ever before.

In order to survive, businesses must find ways to work smarter. To achieve the vision & mission of the organization and to ensure total engagement, a strong business framework is must. A well-organized Business process only can ensure business operation efficiency. Business process management represents the possible way or solution to organization how to manage, monitor and optimize the process.

Why Business Process Framework ? Training Overview
- Do you want to create customer centric business environment?
- Do you want to execute work in plan wise not in ad hoc basis?
- Do you want to avoid employee’s dependency to execute critical activities?
- Do you want to optimize/minimize cost
- Do you want to ensure profit

If yes, only well organize Business process can ensure all and this workshop will help you to understand how to:

- Analyze, improve, design and develop processes to meet organization /customer needs
- Minimize the overall cost
- Minimize the product or service delivery time maintain quality
- Improve customer service
- Comply with audit requirement
- Improve employee retention
- Set vision & mission of the organization through the implementation of business process-driven approaches to managing the enterprise.


The participants will take part in demonstrations so that they may use business process framework and apply them to their own place of work. The workshop will also discuss how to start a business process framework. Total workshop will move forward with Power Point Presentation, Group Activities, Question and Answer Session.

Contents of Training:

Day One:
- Briefing on Business ,customer , product , Service relationship
- Introduction of Business process framework
- Benefits & goal Business process framework
- Business process framework break down ( Conceptual & CXO view)
- Real time example mapping with Business process framework
- Business Operation process break down (Level 2 & Level 3)
- Business Strategy &Planning process break down (Level 2 & Level 3)
- Marketing & Offer Management process breakdown
- Service Development & Management process breakdown
- Resource Development & Management Process breakdown
- Real time example mapping with Business strategy & planning process

Day Two:
- Customer Relationship Management process breakdown
- Service Management & Operations process breakdown
- Resource Management & Operations process breakdown
- Supply Chain Development & Management process breakdown
- Supplier/ Partner Relationship Management process breakdown
- Enterprise Management process breakdown
- Real time example mapping with Business Operation Process

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The course is designed for Managers , Functional team leaders and members specially who are involved change management or business transformation , members of Audit ,Quality Assurance and Compliance team , Product manager , Operation Manager, Key Account Manager , Business Analyst , members of Business Strategy & Planning , Business owner , new Entrepreneur.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.