Loyalty Marketing Workshop


While most marketers know that word-of-mouth from current customers and opinion leaders is the best way to grow the reputation of a brand, very few consciously keep track of their prosumers.

Prosumers are people who are loyal enough to the brand to recommend it to others, without being paid to do so.

This workshop shows you how to create prosumers through integrated marketing, dramatically reducing the cost of marketing.

How participants will benefit after the course:
- Know how to run and measure the effectiveness of a Loyalty Marketing Program
- Discover ways to track their prosumers (those who recommend the brand to others, without being paid)
- How to leverage friends of the brand
- Go beyond advertising to build brands while reducing marketing costs


Univbrands is based on the belief that the best way to learn brand building skills is the same way that you learn to ride a motorbike. You learn by doing. Consequently all Univbrands workshops are experiential. No lectures, no theory. You learn through exercises, games and a live case.

Contents of Training:

1. Workshop introductions. Univbrands ground rules

2. What brands are you loyal to? Participants introduce themselves

3. Univbrands' six brand building questions

4. Examples of brands that use Loyalty Marketing

5. How to track and identify a prosumer

6. How to work out an allowable cost for acquiring a prosumer

7. Why Loyalty Marketing goes beyond Advertising and Direct Marketing

8. What business are you really in? What's your brand's emotionale?

9. Popular ways to create loyal brand tribes

10. How to set a SMART Loyalty Marketing objective

11. The art of Three Right Answers

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This workshop is for senior level managers in marketing companies who want to have an ongoing relationship with a large number of customers, turning them into the brand's strongest champions.