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Financial Management Certificate Course


This comprehensive training program is designed for the executives, managers and business professionals with finance & non-finance background and experience to learn to use the language and tools of finance.

This Program also provides an excellent opportunity to the students of finance & fresh graduates to develop & sharpen their financial skills to face the various challenges faced in day-to-day corporate world or financial sector. Its purpose is to equip participants with the tools and techniques necessary to be a successful financial manager or a general manager with a good understanding of the basic principles of finance.

Consequently, the training program is designed with the following specific objectives:

- To teach the fundamental skills and methods of Financial Management that are vital for most of the positions that participants will seek and obtain, regardless of area of concentration or industry.

- To deepen participants’ understanding of the finance theory underlying financial management.

- To provide participants a base level of sophistication regarding contemporary issues in financial management. This will enable them to better understand the role of finance in modern business arena.

As a consequence, upon completion of this exclusive training program you will be able to return to your organization with the confidence to better analyze financial information and participate fully in making business decisions.


PowerPoint, Interactive.

Contents of Training:

Session - 1
Overview of Corporate Finance

Course introduction & General Expectation, Definition & goals of corporate finance, the agency problem, corporate forms of business organizations, principles of corporate finance.

Understanding Financial Statements and Cash Flows
Review of financial statements and annual reports – balance sheet, income statement, cash flow and owners’ equity statements, accounting income vs. cash flow.

Session - 2
Evaluating a Firm’s Financial Performance

Five major types of ratio analysis, du-pont and extended du-pont equation, cross sectional and trend analysis

Main Focus: Use real-world financial statements of various companies for understanding, interpreting and forecasting financial health of an organization.

Session - 3
Financial Planning and Forecasting

Preparing pro-forma income statement and balance sheet, estimating projected sales growth rate, sustainable growth rate.

Session - 4
Risk & Rate of Return

Concept of Beta, SML, Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM), risk-return definition, relationship and their types, portfolio return and risk.

Session - 5
The Time Value of Money

Definitions and concepts of discounting, compounding, present and future value, perpetuity, annuity, loan amortization.

Session - 6
Stock Market, Stocks and Their Valuation

Different types of stocks, stock market transactions and their valuation methods, constant growth, non-constant growth and corporate valuation model, & efficient market.

Session - 7
Cost of Capital

Definition, calculation of cost of different capital components, Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC), divisional cost of capital and their associated risks.

Session - 8
Capital Budgeting Decision Criteria

Project classifications, NPV, IRR, MIRR, PI, payback and Discounted payback period, NPV profile, decision criteria in each of the techniques.

Session - 9
Dividend Policy

Dividend payout ratio, three views of dividend policy, residual dividend theory, alternative dividend payment procedures, dividend reinvestment plans, stock dividend vs. stock split.

Session - 10: Critical review of the entire training program

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Managers and Executives of finance and non-finance business professionals, Business owners and entrepreneurs, Fresh graduates and post graduates of finance and other disciplines can take part in this training program to prepare themselves for their upcoming professional life and add significant value to their career.

"Indeed its a very effective training program which enrich practical know how to solve financial issues" Md. Arifur Ahaman
"This training program helps in verious effective ways" Jarin Akter
"Excellent" A.K.M Majedul Haque