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Impact Monitoring & Evaluation for Better Results Management


Qualified M&E professionals are highly required in the development fields and organizations; even in the private and public sector research. This two-day long course is designed as an overview of Impact of monitoring and evaluation methods with practical applications approaches, tools and methods. This course will allow participants to understand the M&E tools, techniques and resources needed for planning, organizing, and/or managing programs and projects.

Training Objectives:
The two- days long training is designed to develop understanding on M&E systems design and implementation. After having the training the participant will gain:

•   Confidence on M&E concept and methods and M&E trends in development fields
• Knowledge to manage project and results manage address project goal and objectives
•   Skills to draw proper conclusion and recommendations for improvement
•   Knowledge and understanding of how M&E can improve the quality of their projects while promoting learning and accountability;
•  Knowledge and skills to be better managers and consumers of evaluations conducted by others

The session will apply high interactive training methodologies including Open Discussion, Exercise, Small Group Work, Group Presentation, Individual Presentation, Experience Sharing, Case study. Time will be allotted for practical exercises and informal question and answer sessions around common M&E problem areas. Participants will also be provided with additional Resources for further study and research in the M&E field.

Participants will develop Results Framework/Impact Logic/Results Framework on area of interest. Developing M&E plan, plan data gathering, analysis outline, and reporting needs. Working in groups each group will prepare and make final presentation of their project M&E work during the workshop.

Course evaluation:
The level of improvement in learning of each participant will be assessed by comparing their individual performance and group assignment attained during training and end evaluation of the course.


The session will apply high interactive training methodologies including Open Discussion, Exercise, Small Group Work, Presentation, Data Analysis Using Computer, Experience Sharing, Question and Answer.

Contents of Training:

Day One:

• Definitions of Monitoring and Evaluation, Why M&E is important
• M&E and Understanding of Project Management Cycle
• Elements of Monitoring & Evaluation Cycles
• Elements of Logical framework, Results Frameworkand Impact Logic
• Indicators and developing SMART Indicators
• M&E Data collections strategy
• Trends towards results management
• Performance measurement, performance indicators and performance monitoring

Designing the M&E system
• The result chain
• Impact path ways
• Logical framework vs Theory of change
• Developing a theory of change
• Components of a theory of change

Elements of Monitoring and Evaluation Plan

Practical/Group work:
• Preparing a Logical framework
• Results Framework

Day Two:

Evaluation and Impact assessment-Methods and techniques

Baseline Assessment techniques

Data Collection and Analysis-study design, sampling, quantitative and qualitative data collection techniques, study guide etc.Data Quality Assurance, Missing Data etc.

Challenges and limitations of different methods(Mixed methods, FGD etc)

Communication of M&E Information
Strategy for reporting M&E information
Use of real-time data reporting and visualization
GIS and MIS integration in M&E system design

Practical/Group work: M&E plan

Use of M&E Results
Different uses of M&E results
Feedback strategy
Learning and knowledge sharing for personal and organisational benefit
Documentation and data archiving

Post-course evaluation

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9140345, 9117179 Ltd.

19 th floor (East), BDBL Building (Old BSRS)
12 Karwan Bazaar
Dhaka - 1215

The course is specifically designed for representatives from government, project teams, NGOs, multi and bi-lateral development organizations, consultancies, etc, that are typically employed as M&E managers and directors, M&E specialists, technical specialists, M&E officers, project managers, and researchers. The prospective M&E practitioners are also welcome.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.

"The workshop was excellent, I have learned very clearly about M & E & Logframe, setup indicator" - Euclid Partha Bhattacharjee, Field Manager, KOINONIA-CCICDP