Presentation Skill for Management Professionals


This training on “presentation skill” will help the different level professionals in their presentations through planning, preparation and performance. Techniques for speaking with confidence, choosing, audio-visual aids, and dealing with questions from an audience help them to develop their presenting skills.

1. To develop knowledge and skill on Presentation Preparation
2. To make the participants well accustomed to prepare him/herself
3. To develop technical skills on delivering presentation and handling audience

Outcome of training
After the training participant will learn:
a) Define presentation purpose, knowing audience, venue, clarifying objectives
b) How to structuring materials, writing presentation, sequence of contents;
c) Techniques of body language, voice, coping tensions and analyzing appearance
d) Time management, addressing audience, dealing question and answer


• Interactive Lecture
• Exercise and practical sessions
• question and answer session
• PowerPoint Presentation

Contents of Training:

1. Techniques of preparing presentation
a. Defining purpose
b. Audience
c. Logistics, venue
d. Clearing your objectives
e. Finding materials
f. Structuring materials
g. Writing presentation
h. Using audio visual aids
i. rehearsing

2. How to prepare yourself
a. Believing yourself
b. Appearance
c. Body image
d. Voice
e. Tension

3. Techniques of delivering presentation:
a. Controlling nerves
b. Speaking
c. Closing
d. Judging the mode
e. Dealing with question
f. Coping hostility
g. Assessing your ability
h. Gesture
i. Facilitation skill
j. Principle of effective presentation

4. Practical exercise a. Exercise and presentation
b. Feedback sessions

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Anyone who is interested to develop his/her presentation skill.