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Techniques to Assess Investment Grade Projects


The course “Techniques to Assess Investment Grade Projects” covers the activities and measures to be taken (by project sponsors as well as Financial Institutions) for commercial success of projects. This course includes project feasibility checking, criteria for technology selection, considerations during project expansion, concept of project financing, common due diligence done by banks, selection of financing mode e.g. PPP, Green Financing, Energy Efficient Projects etc.

After attending this course a participant will be able to:

- Understand what are the different points to be focused during taking a project, i.e. Technical, Financial, socio-economic, regulatory considerations and compliance etc.
- Understand what considerations can make a project viable
- Understand what considerations can make a project bankable
- Construct a Financial Model from raw data
- Understand what are the due diligences a financial institute generally does before financing a project
- Understand concept of Energy Efficiency, Energy Auditing, Green Project, Compliance viewpoints
- Know the key points to monitor the successful completion of project
- Develop the skill of Report writing of Project Appraisal and feasibility analysis for management review and bank proposal
- Prepare project profile


Interactive powerpoint preservation, Exercise, Question & Answer.

Contents of Training:

Session 1:
What is a project?
IGPs and Non-IGPs
Project Life Time
Monitoring points throughout the project life
Project pre-Feasibility and in depth feasibility Analysis
Analysis of regulatory requirements
Market Analysis, guaranteed buyer concept, competitive market analysis
Technology requirements and option analysis

Session 2:
Land area requirements and determination of economic land use
Social and Environmental Impact Analysis
Utility requirements and option analysis for different projects
Concept of Energy Efficiency of projects
History trend and present practice
Culture and heritage
Primary cost component analysis

Session 3:
Construction of Financial Model from raw data
Total Project Cost analysis
Discussion on different financing mode (PPP, Long term, short term, Green financing, different promoting sector of government and central bank, USD financing etc)
Organize your project feasibility as per selected financing mode
Report preparation outline for management review
Common due diligence/ checking points of banks for project financing
Project Implementation checkpoints
IDCP vs implementation timeline
Implementation Variables

Session 4:
Phase Wise Monitoring and Evaluation
Prediction on cost overrun
Successful buzzing
Common review points during project operation
Assessment of Projects under expansion
Assessment of financing of Breakdown projects
Assessment of project takeover


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* Project Analysts, Project finance professionals
* Managements who are involved in decision making of taking new projects
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.