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Digital Marketing: Tools & Techniques


This intensive day long training exercise will be a great place to start understanding Digital Marketing. It gives young executives a complete overview of digital marketing landscape including all the essential disciplines, how they fit together and how to assess what’s right for strategy and where they need further in-depth learning.

This training will help to make sense of the rise of digital marketing in Bangladesh by examining the technological evolution that has driven social and behavioral change. This change in approach is needed to be undermine for a better understanding and creating proper strategy for the company.

The aim of the training is to equip trainees with the confidence, the tools and the techniques to build the right digital strategy for their organizations, including the four major pillars:

- Attraction
o Search Engine Marketing (content) and Paid Search
o Social Media - video, social media outreach, online PR
o Affiliate marketing
o Mobile

- Conversion
o Mobile
o Usability and Web Design
o Conversion Rate Optimization

- Retention
o Email Marketing
o Social Media
o Mobile

- Analysis
o Data, tracking and measurement

How will you be benefited?
Upon completion of this training, participants will have:
- Understood the general changes happening in marketing rather than seeing ‘digital’ as an additional channel to cope with.
- Been energized and motivated with the confidence to use digital marketing as a part of the marketing mix.
- Learned structures and frameworks to help plan digital marketing efforts and make it all fit together
- Had the input of an expert trainer to answer questions and explore the immediate challenges you’re facing, as well as the opportunity to network and learn from others
- Realized how much they already know and enjoyed sharing knowledge with others
- Had an enjoyable, thought-provoking day long session!


Power point presentation, Quiz and case study, Discussion with real life example

Contents of Training:

Search Engine Marketing
- How the Internet invented search
- Strategies for Search Engine Optimization
- Key principles
- Paid search

Social Media
- What is content?
- Social media outreach
- Video
- Online PR
- Channels
- Your Content Strategy

- The mobile landscape
- Why most apps fail
- Usability
- Mobile conversion

Usability and web design
- Conversion optimization
- Building for usability
- Optimization
- User testing

Email marketing
- Smarter email marketing
- Goal setting
- List quality
- Segmentation and targeting
- Creative design
- Copy writing
- Legal compliance
- Deliverability

The Analysis
- Why does it matter?
- What can you measure?
- Who owns analytics?
- The future of analytics

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This training is ideal for those with experience of traditional, offline, marketing but less exposure to online marketing channels, or those with experience in specific digital disciplines, who want to know how different channels can fit together. It’s equally refreshing and rewarding for people who have been “doing” digital for some time but want to set their experiences in context and discover new approaches. For upcoming entrepreneur this training could be a place to understand how to reach or introduce their product/service in online platform.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.