VAT for Top Management


Valued Added Tax (VAT) is a very important matter of today’s life. Everybody comes across different aspects of VAT in course of his daily life and professional life. Be it an industry or any business house or any government or non-government office, there lies either the need for paying VAT or deducting VAT at source. All retail buyers require knowing the need for and importance of taking VAT Challan. So, it is important for everyone to obtain basic knowledge on VAT. It is more important for them whose decisions matter for their businesses, industries and offices. Moreover, people dealing with income tax, audit, management, finance, procurement, bills payable etc. sections in different businesses and industries require knowing many things regarding VAT, some of those matters are tricky in nature. Updated knowledge in the area is needed to lead a team in corporate houses.

For senior management VAT knowledge is very important. Senior managers do not require thorough knowledge on VAT but their basic knowledge can help the organization avert many crises. In VAT areas, small mistakes today sometimes lead to disaster in future. The senior management needs to know the basics of VAT management to lead the VAT team but not to be led by the VAT team. What are the basic compliance of VAT, upon whom the VAT compliance responsibilities are to be given, what are to be done when a crisis arises, how VAT compliance reduces business cost – these are the issues the senior managers need to take care. This program is designed to provide the participants the VAT knowledge in these areas.

How participants shall benefit after the course?

The purpose of this program is to provide the participants basic understanding regarding the features of the VAT system. Particularly, the areas where the organizations generally do mistake that lead to future troubles shall be pointed out to be taken care of by the senior managers. Thus, attending the program, the participants:

--- Can develop basic knowledge regarding the VAT system;
--- Can develop knowledge regarding the basic points where the organizations generally do mistake that lead to future troubles;
--- Can understand the ways how to avert future troubles of the organizations;
--- Can plan strategies for their organizations ahead;
--- Can lead their organizations to new heights.


Lecture, discussion, question and answer.

Contents of Training:

Basic features of the VAT system
The basics of VAT compliance
General points where the organizations do mistake that lead to future troubles
What precautions the senior managers should take to avert any trouble
Case studies

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Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Managing Director, Deputy Managing Director, Director, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Head of Accounts, Head of Finance, Head of Taxation and other senior level functionaries of businesses, industries and establishments are requested to attend the program.