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Positive Parenting Workshop


Generally people think that parenting is all about providing support and care for their children. After decades of study, psychologists have come to regard parenting as a fairly complicated task which requires understanding of the child’s fulfillment in all areas. People are not born with parenting skills – as they go along they need to explore many different skills of parenting in order to respond to a child’s needs. This Positive Parenting workshop offers an opportunity for parents to gain knowledge and skills to better address the challenges of raising a child, especially in today’s modern environment.

How participants will benefit after the course

Positive Parenting program is developed based on the theories of human development, learning and self-care with their translation into practices at home. The sessions will help parents to gain better awareness and develop skills about mental health and well-being, social-emotional development of children and various techniques of managing disrupting behaviours. Insight Initiatives believes that this program:

• can help parents recognize their parenting strengths.
• can help parents identify their weaknesses and how to overcome those on their way to becoming a true guide or mentor to their child.


The program will impart its contents in a participatory method focusing on cooperative learning by experts in the related fields. It will use PowerPoint presentations, audio-visual learning materials and practical examples and practice sessions.

Contents of Training:

Ground Rules
Activity: Introduction and Barometer- where we stand as parents

Understanding our personality patterns.

Understanding patterns of personality
Exploring healthier personality patterns.
Activity: Role playing on different ways of thinking, feeling and behaving.

Stages of child development & parental response
Stage I – Being (Ages: 0-6 months)
Stage II - Doing (Ages: 6-18 months)
Stage III – Thinking (Ages: 1½-3yrs)
Stage IV– Identity (Ages: 3-6yrs)
Stage V – Structure (Ages: 6-12yrs)
Stage VI – Regeneration (Ages: 13-18yrs)
Stage VII – Recycling (Ages: 18yrs - rest of our lives)

Positive parenting
Balancing Nurture and Structure
Activity: Role Reversal- being empathetic to our children.

Exploring childhood messages and early decisions
Activity: Alternative and healthier ways of communication with our children

Certificate Distribution

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Parents, parents-to-be, grandparents, teachers, social workers and others working with children.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.