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News and Programme Presentation in Radio and Television


There are 37 Television channels and 14 Radio channels in our country but no any competent training institute except National Institute of Mass Communication (NIMC). It is not enough or sufficient training institute for making efficient workers for those broadcasting house. But we need efficient and qualities workers like presenter, producer or director, set designer, make-up man, camera man etc.

After successful completion of the course the participants will be able to :
i.Increase their knowledge, efficiency and expertise on programme presentation.
ii.Improve their way of presentation
iii.Gain confidence in their respective fields
iv.Make their presentation artistic and attractive to the audience.


Interactive lecture, PowerPoint Presentation, discussion, question and answer.

Contents of Training:

Day-1: a) Introduction of Course, what is presentation & why? Presentations,Gesture, Posture, Body language.
b) Qualifications & qualities of a presenter.

Day-2: a) What is news & source of news?
b) Art of news presentation & exercise.

Day-3: a) Art of vocal code & its implementation (Theory).
b) Art of vocal code & its implementation (Practice).

Day-4: a) Standard pronunciations & art of presentation.
b) Articulation & practice.

Day-5: a) Difference in between program & news presentation.
b) Vocal culture, voice modulation & pitch range.

Day-6: a) Pronunciation exercise of selected words, districts, seasons, months, days & number up to 100.
b) Organs of speech & exercise of sounds

Day-7: a) Visit TV or Radio Channel & report writing.
b) Visit TV or Radio Channel & report writing.

Day-8: a) Practice of news & program presentation by the participant.
b) Questions answer, course evaluation & closing ceremony.

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University students, suitable personnel of Private Radio and Television station and freelance. For freelancers at least a graduation degree from any recognized university is required, but preference will be given to Master degree holders. Selection will be made by an Interview Board.