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Stress and Anger Management Workshop


Is there a connection between high stress and low productivity at work? Experts and statisticians say Yes. You’ve probably heard about the effects of chronic stress and stress on the body, including insomnia, irritability and increased risks of certain health conditions such as high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes etc. Severe stress disorders can be debilitating. However, you may not aware that stress also can affect you as well as your company’s performance.

Sixty-five percent of workers say workplace stress had caused difficulties, according to the results of a 2000 survey published by The American Institute of Stress. Almost 1 in 5 respondents in that survey had quit a job because of workplace stress.

How Participants will benefit after the workshop:
Employees must learn to deal with work pressure and demanding supervisors.
Bosses should control their feelings of hostility towards perceived inefficient workers.
This will bring about a sense of harmony and increase productivity in the workplace.
Couples must stop venting their frustrations on each other.
Students can manage their stress and anger which make sure their better performance in Study and other aspects.


Interactive Session, Participant’s Role Play, Audio Visual Presentation, Flip chart presentation, Lecture Method.

Contents of Training:

Ice Breaking: First step toward being stress free!

Stress and Anger
What is Stress and Anger?
Myths about Stress and Anger
Symptoms of Stress and Anger

Effects of Stress and Anger
How Stress and Anger effect our daily life?
ABC model of Stress and Anger
Effect of Stress and Anger on Work
Positive effects of Stress and Anger

Triggers of Stress and Anger

What is Stress and Anger management?
How it works?
Introducing existing techniques of Stress and Anger management
Most effective techniques to manage your Stress and Anger

Monitoring Anger
What is Monitoring?
How it works?
Does it effective to control anyone’s anger?

Interrupt the anger cycle
What is anger cycle?
How to interrupt this cycle?
What tools are used to interrupt the anger cycle?
How to make it effective?

Better Communication
Role of effective communication during Stress and Anger?
Active Listening
Three S

Cognitive Restructuring
What is cognitive restructuring?
How to do cognitive restructuring?
Techniques of cognitive restructuring

How to do self-talk?
Effective techniques of self-talk

Progressive Muscle Relaxation
What is progressive muscle relaxation technique?
How it works?
Effect of progressive muscle relaxation technique

What is visualization?
How to do it?
How it bring peace in you?

Others Effective Techniques
Music therapy
Effective tips

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People from different organization with different background can attend the workshop. People who works under Stress including Executives, Managers, Program Developers, Student, Researchers, Social Workers, Government Officers.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.