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HRM Foundation Course


Human Resource Management (HRM) is seen by the practitioners as a more innovative view of workplacemanagement than the traditional approach of dealing with the management of people. Its techniques force the managers of an enterprise to express the HRM goals with specificity so that the objective and goals can be understood by the workforce, and appropriate strategies can be undertaken by the workforce. HRM then provides the necessary resources needed for the workforce to successfully accomplish their objectives and targets. As such, HRM techniques, when properly practiced, are expressive of the goals and operating practices of the enterprise overall.

Course Objective
There is a steady increase of the business graduates who are interested to develop their career in HR. Incases, these graduates need a hands-on understanding of the subject and its practice in addition to their academic knowledge gained from the university degree. At the same time HR practitioners without the required HRM background also need to learn how to link the HRM theories and concepts with appropriate HRM practices to develop their organisational policies, procedures, and systems to contribute in the organisations goal achievement target fulfilment. This course, therefore, offers the opportunity for the people who are already involved in HR professions or have a plan to join in the future, to enhance the knowledge of HRM.


Interactive lectures and discussion sessions, Multimedia presentations, Case exercises and sharing of experiences and ideas, Question and answer sessions.

Contents of Training:

Day 1: HRM as a Strategic Business Partner
• The nature of HRM
• HRM concepts, theories, functions, and practices
• Strategic HRM and its dimensions
• Ethics, organisational culture and HRM
• The genesis of HR planning and career management

Day 2: HR Planning, Job Analysis and Design
• The genesis of HR planning
• Career management and succession planning
• The meaning of job analysis and design
• Job analysis techniques
• Job analysis data collection methods
• Use of job analysis for HR deliverables

Day 3: Employee Acquisition
• Recruitment and attraction
• Selection process
• Recruitment and selection planning, preparation, and implementation
• Errors and remedies, validity and reliability test
• Induction

Day 4: Appraisal and Performance Management
• Effective PMS
• PA purpose and need analysis
• PA steps, methods, and deliveries
• PA feedback and evaluation

Day 5: Human Resource Development
• Training and development approaches
• T&D need analysis and strategic focus
• Types of training and development programmes
• Knowledge management
• The learning environment

Day 6: Rewards and Compensation
• The nature of reward management
• Motivational theory and human behaviour
• Reward objectives and options
• Types of benefits and incentives
• Designing a remuneration plan - external, internal, strategic consideration

Day 7: Occupational Health & Safety
• The changing approach to health and safety
• Importance of health and safety - economic, legal, psychological, moral considerations
• Occupational health hazards and issues
• Strategic health and safety plan

Day 8: Recent Development of HRM, Contemporary Issues
• HR as a strategic business partner
• HR in organisational structure and development
• HR in organisational culture and development
• HR in change management
• Contemporary topics of HRM

Day 9: Evaluation of HRM, Review
• Evaluation of HRM
• Measuring HRM effectiveness
• Review

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This course offers the opportunity for the people who are already involved in HR professions or have a plan to join in the future, to enhance the knowledge of HRM.

"This is the very good training program. I have very much happy for the program"
"Very important in the field of HR practice" Nikhil Hazra, Deputy Manager, HR Royal Group
"Good" Simanto chism,Good Neighbors Bangladesh
"Excellent" Victor Tigga,Good Neighbors Bangladesh
"I am very happy to finish this training" Md. Abdul Alim