Effective Team Building


In all industries, the use of small TEAMS is rapidly becoming seen as a panacea leading to certain success. In Quality Circles, Concurrent Engineering, and in many other management innovations, the TEAM is the organizational unit to which creative control is being delegated - and the training of such TEAMS is therefore vital to a company¡¦s success. For all professionals, the ability to work effectively as part of such TEAMS is an essential skill.

If you agree to the above, then you also know that organizations now operate within a fast changing, turbulent environment. The pressures to meet the challenges are strong and deep-rooted, and response to these pressures must be quick and effective. STAKEHOLDERS have higher expectations and the business environment is competitively advancing. Simply in order to survive - organizations, managers and staff have to be motivated and display high levels of effectiveness.

Gradually businesses are also realizing that technology, as applied to business processes, is not enough: PEOPLE add the value and make the difference. Highly trained, motivated PEOPLE who are focused on providing excellent service to their customers are an essential ingredient in today¡¦s business environment. But unless PEOPLE learn to also be effective beyond personal capabilities to be able to collaborate in effective teams ¡V the overall impact to the organization is chaos and confusion, conflict and disruption.

Unfortunately, PEOPLE do not naturally become team mates once they are put into the same organization, department or unit. It takes a long time for the supervisors or managers of that team to essentially mold the highly qualified PEOPLE in their TEAMS to become effective in working together. It takes even higher levels of coaching, counseling and participation skills on their part to be able to convert this team into a SYNERGISTIC TEAM.

A SYNERGISTIC TEAM brings about results which are impossible to achieve by any one person alone ¡V no matter how talented or strong willed they are. These kinds of teams are the backbones of companies who give their efforts to provide quality service, and ensure satisfaction.

Training Objectives:
At the end of the training period, participants will:
-Have an exciting learning experience that will raise their level of interest in and commitment to teamwork
-Discover new methods to enhance team effectiveness and produce creative solutions to team challenges
-Explore ways to build team motivation and revitalize commitment
-Take away tools and resources that will instill team cohesiveness
-Gain personal insight about how their individual actions and behaviors either add to or detract from teamwork


Individual Exercise, Group Tasks, Role Plays, Case Analysis, AV media, Instructor Led Discussions.

Contents of Training:

-Formal Opening
-Sharing about the training and the objectives
-Setting norms (discussion and flip chart)
-Ice breaking

-Need for Teamwork
-Concept of Teams
-Group vs. Teams
-Types of Teams
-Purposes of Teams


-Benefits And Significance Of Team
-Creating High Performance Teams
-Work Design

-Motivation And Team Building
-Understanding Need Hierarchy
-Identify Our Own Needs (Work ¡V Family ¡V Groups)
-Relate Personal Motivation With Professional Work

-Barriers to Effective Teams
-Managing Diversity
-Positive & Negative Attitudes
-Resolving Conflicts
-Situational Leadership

Each participants will set out his/her individual action plan to foster team spirit and individual development in accordance with the current work in hand; this will be kept in his/her personal file with a CC to his/her line manager to follow up after three months.

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