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The Art of Storytelling with PowerPoint


Imagine you are delivering a very important presentation using PowerPoint. The facts you are sharing is significant, but after a while you find your audience is busy checking their mobile devices or looking outside to take in the surrounding. You feel deflated, what went wrong?

If you had similar experience, you may take solace from the knowing that you are not alone in suffering such “Death by PowerPoint”. An estimated 350 PowerPoint slides are presented worldwide per second and most of these slides are cluttered with words and bullet points. After suffering endless hours of such torment inducing encyclopedic slideshows, long-suffering audience are retaliating with indifference.

To win the battle against audience indifference, you need to figure out a way to weave facts into a meaningful story. At their heart, all presentations are stories. As an enhancer or a barrier, it’s the visual storytelling elements that separate a well-crafted PowerPoint presentation from the rest. Our brains are wired to learn from and remember stories. Presentations that effectively make use of storytelling techniques are easier to understand and remember. Whether for yourself or for your business, this course will teach you the basics and beyond of how to tell outstanding stories with PowerPoint presentations.

Course objective
By the end of this course participants should be able to:
•Identify ineffective presentation practices and eliminate them
•Create bullet free presentations
•assess the needs of their audience and adjust presentation content and style accordingly
•Tell an effective story with PowerPoint to captivate their audience


Lectures, interactive group exercises and discussions, role playing, group simulation, cast studies, etc. will be used to get the participants acquainted with the course materials. Throughout the course, each participant will be tested personally to find if they mastered the modules.

Contents of Training:

Module 1: Dissecting the PowerPoint interface
Demonstration of all available tools of PowerPoint
Shortcuts for power users
Recommended tools for story telling

Module 2: Creating a bullet free presentation
Effective usage of Smart Art
Using icons for maximum impact
Orientation with animation and transition

Module 3: The Harmony of Design
Mastering the principles of visualization
Different schools of presentation
design Theory of color, fonts and image aesthetics

Module 4: Persuasion with Data visualization
Need for facts and data, and how to present them
Theory of visual display of quantitative information
Unique data visualization for business presentations

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The course is aimed at individuals with basic knowledge of PowerPoint looking to take their knowledge to the next level for effective communication.