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Competitive Negotiation (A Competitive approach to win-win negotiation)


We all have to negotiate. Negotiation is an everyday part of life - we're always negotiating, with varying degrees of success. But successful and effective negotiation skill is the key to win the deal. This one day open Negotiation Skills Course highlights and emphasizes the skills and qualities we need to use, introduces some new ones and hones them all for more effective use in lots of different negotiation scenarios.

Persons involved in sales, procurement or business management will have

•  Greater confidence to negotiate at all levels

•  Knowledge of strategic negotiation

•  Achieving a conclusion to both parties

•  To return to the workplace with well-understood negotiating techniques relating to their own individual situations.


Interactive lecture, PowerPoint Presentation, Role Play, Question and answer session.

Contents of Training:

•  Principles of Negotiation

•  Importance of Negotiation in Sales, Procurement and Business Management

•  10 key points for effective negotiation : Perspective - Selling/Procurement/Business Management

•  Preparation & Planning for Negotiation while selling or procuring products, ideas or services

•  3Ps of negotiation

•  Deciding on the strategy

•  Identifying the Zone of Potential Agreement

•  Finding the best alternative to negotiated agreement

•  The worst alternative to negotiate agreement

•  The deal paradigm

•  The psychology of deal

•  Movement in Negotiation; achieving a‘Win-Win'

•  Listening in Negotiation

•  Types of listening

•  Essentials of listening

•  Communication Techniques in Negotiation

•  Structure & Process for Effective Negotiation

•  Negotiation as a Behavioral Process

•  Table manners in negotiation

•  When principles won't work



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Any person wishing to improve their negotiating skills.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.

It was an excellent workshop and it will help me to perform my job responsibilities more efficiently in the time of competitive negotiation. Mohammad Imran
The training was satisfactory and effective - Razia Sultana.