Communication for Better Customer Service training centre in Bangladesh

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Communication for Better Customer Service


This program is designed to improve your team’s communication and customer handling skills.This training will also give your people the skill to communicate in a better manner with the customers, and to create even better customer relationships.


Interactive Lecture, PowerPoint Presentation, Question and Answer Session, Group work, Game

Contents of Training:

Day I

Ice breaker: The Harmony Game

1. Developing Emotional Intelligence
• What is emotional intelligence?
• Why is emotional intelligence (EQ) so important?
• IQ vs. EQ vs. PQ vs. SQ
• Characteristics and attributes of Emotional Intelligence
• Developing emotional intelligence through few key skills
• The secret of persuasion (Top 7 tricks to persuade people to do things your way)
• Handling difficult customers, clients, colleagues etc. through EQ techniques.
• Game/Activity:
o The EQ role play

2. The Power of Your Body Language while Facing Customers
• The purpose and objective of your meeting
• Five tricks: Sync, pacing, tone and understanding your team’s mental perception, the eye contact
• Verbal Vs. Non-verbal – being careful
• Video - The Master Body Language
• Games /Activity:
o Role Play: Identifying the body language

3. Dealing with Difficult Customers
• Why are some people difficult in our lives?
• How do we deal with difficult people in our lives?
• Game/Activity:
o The Case Study of a difficult person!
• 3 Magic Sentences that you can use to resolve conflict situations
• 1 Magic Sentence to get you out of any difficult situation
• Video – The Angry Customer!

4. Customer getting the Right Message
• Communicate the message
• Paraphrase
• Listen again
• Clarify the mistakes/misunderstandings
• Game/Activity:
o Role play of Service Provider and Customer

Day II

Ice breaker: Walk, Stop and Dance

1. Communication – Basics to Advance
• What is communication?
• Communication types
• Communication process
• The four ways of communication for effective teams
• Components of communication –verbal, non-verbal and vocal communication
• The importance of body language
• Video – The Blind Man (Change your communication change the world)
• Game/Activity:
o Communication vs. Body Language

2. Listening Skills –importance and impact
• How to improve active listening skills
• The three barriers to active listening
• The four practices that will improve your listening skills
• Listening skill in dealing with difficult people
• Game/Activity:
o The Chinese Whispers Game
• Video – You are more beautiful than you think you are
• Video – The Mother and the Daughter 3. Openness and Trust
• How openness really builds trust (The Four Chair Game)
• The Chicken and Egg Story (Whirlpool Diagram)
• The Three Stooges Game

4. Importance of Feedback
• Do we really give proper feedback?
• Game/Activity:
o The Feedback Game (Draw with or without feedback)
• The Johari Window
• The Experience Cube and giving “I- Message”
• Game/Activity:
o The Experience Cube role play simulation
• Advices – Giving and receiving feedback
• Importance of feedback real life examples – The story of M.S. Dhoni
• Video – You are more beautiful than you think you are
• Video – The Mother and the Daughter

5. The Great Motivational Ending
You can do it if you want to
o The Optimist vs. The Pessimist
o The Three Picture Game
o The Perspective Hand Game
Human beings have tremendous potential, and can achieve anything. All you need to do is ask for it.
Video – Nick Vujici
Video – Shewli Shathi

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Next Stage/ Career
(1) New Young Professionals, Mid Level Professionals of any organization focusing on customer loyalty, customer retention & after sale service.
(2) Leaders and managers who have responsibility for customer service within an organization
(3) Receptionists, Secretaries, Tele - Marketers, New Recruits, Frontline staff.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.