Garments Business through L/C training centre in Bangladesh


Garments Business through L/C


L/C is the main Documents by which maximum of the World’s Business are running. The LC is governed by UCP (Uniform Customs Practice) 600 which has been formulated by ICC (international Chambers of Commerce). It has been experienced that many people especially Key Personnel of many Industries do not have clear concept on LC and its Terms and Conditions. As such many a time we are facing lot of problems even some time due to simple overlook of any terms of LC a Garments Business of Millions of Dollars can either be Cancelled, aired or Discounted. Everybody those who are running the Garments Business as Top Management People must understand the LC in-depth that what all are there in LC, How it is opened, What all are the bindings in LC, What is Master LC, Dummy LC, Back to Back LC, Revocable LC, Irrevocable LC, Stand-by LC, Revolving LC etc etc and should also have knowledge on Risk involved in LC, Issuing Bank, Advising Bank, Confirming Bank, LC Expiry Date, UCP 600, SWIFT Code, Incoterms, Bill of Lading, Bill of Exchange etc.

If anyone attends this Workshop will be Master in LC and will find no difficulties in understanding and working with any LC not only in Garments Business but also in International Business and Export/Import items, commodities or machineries.


Interactive lecture, PowerPoint presentation, Question and answer session.

Contents of Training:

1. Introduction

2. Where we use L/C

3. Various payment methods in Garments

4. What is LC ?

5. What is Master LC, Dummy LC and Back to Back LC

6. Definition of LC

7. What all important issues are included in LC while opening for Garments Business

8. How it works

9. What is ICC

10. What is UCP 500 and 600

11. How LC is opened

12. What is INCOTERMS

13. What is SWIFT Code

14. Other Documents related to LC

15. Legal Principles Governing Documentary Credits

16. Legal Basis for Letters of Credit

17. Break for Jumma Prayer

18. International Trade Payment Method

19. Risk situations in letter-of-credit transactions

20. Understanding and Using Letters of Credit

21. Common Problems with Letters of Credit

22. Basic Procedures for Establishing a Letter of Credit

23. Types of LC

24. LC Processing with pictorial simulation

25. Glossary of terms used in International Business

26. Any Question?

27. Revision

28. Conclusion

29. Distribution of Certificates to the respected attendants

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Factory Owner Director/GM/DGM Finance and Account Director/GM/DGM Marketing Director/GM/DGM Merchandising Director/GM/DGM Production and Planning Director/GM/DGM Commercial Director/GM/DGM Audit Senior Management peoples of any Industry Bank Executives who are not having clear concept on LC or wants to refresh his memories Anyone Interested to learn What is LC and how does it work and its impact in International Business.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.