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Get Ready for your Career.

We do not challenge students enough at any education level to enable them to make good use of their pliable potentials.... as a result they become cognitively inflexible. The industries however, no longer want to spend money and time to develop fresh graduates with required soft skills instead they want readymade leaders. Therefore, there is a vacuum where a potential actor with right intervention can intervene. The actor (organization or individual) with career readiness workshops can bridge industries and universities together and yield better impact in human resource development.

Course Objectives:
To educate and motivate students through different interactive, exercise, visual material based sessions on 21st century skills (employability/soft skills), how and what initiatives they can take for self (personal) development, to become a self-directed learner, critical thinker, problem solver as well as globally aware so that they remain relevant and competent for current and future job market.

How Participants will be benefited:
•Learn about 21st century skills i.e. required soft skills and hard skills that required for top most demanding jobs in Bangladesh and in USA
•Learn how they can take initiatives to improve their employability skills, higher education and career readiness
•Learn about different offline and online resources which they can make good use to improve their English, analysis and ability of critical thinking and problem solving
•Students will achieve better understanding of current and future job market, its trends
•Learn on how to analyze a topic of socio-economic , environmental or political importance through the lens of interdisciplinary approach
•Students will be confident, self directed learner, problem solver, critical thinker and globally aware.


Interactive, Task , Puzzle and games, Group Activities, motivational and educational videos and Multimedia Presentation

Contents of Training:

1.Greetings and Introduction/Ice breaking

2.Sharing of Objectives of the meeting

3.Soft Skills: Knowing concept and acquainted with the different skills and importance/21st century skills/Fourth Industrial Revolution

4.Quiz competition (General Knowledge BCS, Bank job exam)

5.Exercising Problem solving through critical thinking

6.Analysis and presentation session in group against given socio-economic and environmental problem/theme/ issues

7.Reflection session on selective quotes (leadership, achievements, lives, spirituality etc.)

8.Motivational Video on resilience/perseverance and respect to women/girls

9.How to improve English speaking and writing (Tongue twisters, online English Learning sources etc.)

10.Reflection and closing

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Fresh Graduates, Job Seekers, Interns and Management Trainees
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.