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Train The Trainer Program


This train the trainer program is designed to equip and facilitated the emerging and aspiring trainers of Bangladesh. The module is designed to help the participants to identify the needs of the audience, how to develop the training content/module accordingly, and the effective use of body language skills. Special skills like how to handle difficult questions during the training program etc will also be covered in this module. It will also help the participants the tricks and tactics of public speaking and also the use of stimulation/activities which energizes the audience.


Interactive Lecture, PowerPoint Presentation, Question and Answer Session, Group work, Game

Contents of Training:

Day I (Focus on effective communication, module development and listening skill)

Morning Ice-Breaker: The Harmony Game

1. Research
• Understanding of the topic
• Originality of content
• Methods of TNA (Training need analysis)
• URTA Theory of Module Development
• Game/Activity - 1
• Video - 1

2. Understanding the audience
• Analysing your audience
• Address challenging learning environment and difficult participant groups
• Design material and program, and deliver accordingly
• Use tactics to handle surprising situation
• Game/Activity - 2
• Video – 2

3. Listening Skills –importance and impact as a trainer
• How to improve active listening skills?
• The three barriers to active listening
• The four practices that will improve your listening skills
• Game/Activity – 3
• Video – 3
Post lunch Ice breaker: Walk Stop and Dance (discussion on the ice- breaker in details)

4. How to deal difficult audience
• 3 Magic Sentences that you can use to resolve conflict situations
• 1 Magic Sentence to get you out of any difficult situation
• Game/Activity - 5
• Video – 5

Day II (Focus on how to give presentation and tactics & tricks of public speaking)

Ice-Breaker: Name and Expressions

1. Presentation Skills
• Understanding the objective of your presentation – what are you trying to achieve?
• Who is your audience?
• Structure of your presentation
• Top 5 presentation making tricks / tips
• Game/Activity - 1
• Video – 1

2. Public Speaking
• Four tricks:
o Sync,
o Pacing
o Tone and
o Other People’s Maps
• Verbal Vs. Non-verbal – being careful
• Importance of body language and eye contact
• Game/Activity - 2
• Video - 2
Post lunch Ice breaker: The Knee Tag Game

3. Making your own presentation and delivering
• All the participants would be divided into groups and would be given with one real life presentation and public speaking scenario.
• The participants would be given one hour to think, construct and deliver the presentations
• They would be rated by external judges (higher or mixed officials would be invited to watch the presentation). The trainer would also have his own judging criteria and together we will announce a winning group.

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