Logical Framework: The Essential Tool for NGO Project training centre in Bangladesh


Logical Framework: The Essential Tool for NGO Project


The Logical Framework Analysis (LFA) is a tool – or rather an open set of tools – for project design and management. Its purpose is to provide a clear, rational framework for planning the envisioned activities and determining how to measure a project’s success, while taking external factors into account.

The applicability of the LFA is not limited to project design. It can also facilitate project management, interlinking the LFA with the different stages of a project. Its use is now very popular as a project management tool.

More than four decades have passed since the first introduction of the Logical Framework Analysis (LFA) in a development organisation. Today it is being used widely and increasingly. In Bangladesh it is also widely used especially by the NGOs. But yet there is a lack of proper knowledge and skill about the effective use of Logical Framework. The training tends to deliver a clear concept about LFA and its modalities in NGO project.

Training Objectives:
a) To make participants’ familiar with the concept of Logical Framework Analysis (LFA);
b) To improve participants’ ability to design and implement a monitoring and evaluation plan for any projects;
c) To offer hands-on experience in analysis of logical frame work and periodic report.

Training Outcome:
After attending the training sincerely participants will be capable to:
a. Articulate different component of Logical Framework;

b. Develop LFA for any development project;

c. Initiate LFA based monitoring.

d. Assess effectively any Logical Framework of any project.


Interactive discussion, PowerPoint presentation, question and answer session.

Contents of Training:

1. Background and introduction to the Logical Framework analysis

2. Stakeholder Analysis

3. Problem Analysis through Problem tree

4. Analysis of Objectives through objective

5. Strategy Analysis through “Analysis of Alternatives”

6. The Logframe Matrix

7. Levels of Objectives

8. Assumptions

9. Objectively Verifiable Indicators

10. Means of Verification

11. Means and Cost

12. Activity and Resource Schedules

13. Vertical logic

14. Horizontal logic

15. Example of a Logframe Matrix

16. Limitations and Risks of LFA

17. LFA in Project Management

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I have clearly understood about Logical Framework. I would like to attend another workshop in future. - Nurul Bashar Md. Abdul Kabir
The workshop helped me to understand complete topic like logical framework in an easier way. - Kazi Priyanka Silmi, Communications Specialist, The Glencoe Foundation
Mid and senior level NGO and other professionals work for program planning, monitoring and implementation, having skill and experience in different approach of development project. Moderate skill and working experience with project development is preferable but not mandatory.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.