Management Trainee (MT) Preparation Course training centre in Bangladesh


Management Trainee (MT) Preparation Course


Management Trainee program is one of the most common process of hiring energetic and enthusiastic freshers to join a brand/ company. This group is targeted with age, degree, institution, academic scores and many other factors. There are plenty of these opportunities; however what is the ratio of applicants vs each position? It is some time 1:50 or even 1:100! So in this fierce competition, who would not like to secure a position with outstanding performance? And what does it take to beat others in the race, a good result, a reputed university or a strong reference? Perhaps a combination of any of these with a solid presentation of smartness, etiquette and presence of mind is the key. It all starts with a lot of preparation, which includes a good resume. If you know how to talk, walk and rock the interview, manage your interactions and networking, and your impression is pleasant, you can secure a good start followed by a steady and growing career. So are you ready, Mr/Ms Management Trainee?


· Have a well written resume to create strong impact
· Be aware of the screening process and be well prepared for interviews/tests
· Act professionally during probation/temporary period
· Understand smartness, etiquette, courtesy, and presence of mind
· How to create good impact in your initial days after joining
· Handle meetings, phone calls and emails effectively
· Be confident and articulate in presentations


Lecture, Discussions, Demonstrations (role-play & digital), Simulations, Real life Case Studies.

Contents of Training:

Resume writing tips

• Resume, Profile, Curriculum vitae
• Different elements of resume
• What to focus in your resume depending on the job requirement
• How to fill up online job application forms
Job searching technics

• Sources of jobs- human and non-human
• Internships, volunteering, contractual, permanent, full time, part time, per diem jobs
• How to comprehend job role
• Reading between the lines
• Searching for the right job
Preparing for the screening

• Sending the application
• Receiving alerts on phone and email
• preparing for the interview
• Preparing the documents and letters
• Communication between the interviews or calls
Interview skills

• Phone interview
• Video interview
• Face-to-face interview
• HR interview
• Board interview
• final negotiation stage
Basic HR and disciplinary factors to consider

• Attendance
• Punctuality
• Discipline
• Dress-code
• Leave and day off
• Application and permission
• Performance indicator and productivity
• Job description
Basic ground rules at workplace

• Etiquette
• Courtesy
• Manners
• Socializing
• Blending with the culture
• When to talk and when not stop
• Communication and rapport
• Relationship building
Meeting, telephone, email etiquette

• Do's and don'ts in a meeting
• Do's and don'ts in telephone call
• Do's and don'ts in email correspondence
Demonstrate Professionalism

• What is professionalism?
• What is expected from a Management Trainee/ entry level professional
• Things that obstruct professionalism
• Tips of establishing a professional image at work and creating reputation
Presentation skills

• Preparing PPP
• Preparing for the delivery
• Making yourself heard and seen
• Creating interest and grabbing attention during prese

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Freshers, Anyone looking for entry level job, even employees with 1-2 years of work experience.