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Management Trainee (MT) Preparation Course


Management Trainee program is one of the most common process of hiring energetic and enthusiastic freshers to join a brand/ company. This group is targeted with age, degree, institution, academic scores and many other factors. There are plenty of these opportunities; however what is the ratio of applicants vs each position? It is some time 1:50 or even 1:100! So in this fierce competition, who would not like to secure a position with outstanding performance? And what does it take to beat others in the race, a good result, a reputed university or a strong reference? Perhaps a combination of any of these with a solid presentation of smartness, etiquette and presence of mind is the key. It all starts with a lot of preparation, which includes a good resume. If you know how to talk, walk and rock the interview, manage your interactions and networking, and your impression is pleasant, you can secure a good start followed by a steady and growing career. So are you ready, Mr/Ms Management Trainee?


· Have a well written resume to create strong impact
· Be aware of the screening process and be well prepared for interviews/tests
· Act professionally during probation/temporary period
· Understand smartness, etiquette, courtesy, and presence of mind
· How to create good impact in your initial days after joining
· Handle meetings, phone calls and emails effectively
· Be confident and articulate in presentations


Lecture, Discussions, Demonstrations (role-play & digital), Simulations, Real life Case Studies.

Contents of Training:

Resume writing tips

• Resume, Profile, Curriculum vitae
• Different elements of resume
• What to focus in your resume depending on the job requirement
• How to fill up online job application forms
Job searching technics

• Sources of jobs- human and non-human
• Internships, volunteering, contractual, permanent, full time, part time, per diem jobs
• How to comprehend job role
• Reading between the lines
• Searching for the right job
Preparing for the screening

• Sending the application
• Receiving alerts on phone and email
• preparing for the interview
• Preparing the documents and letters
• Communication between the interviews or calls
Interview skills

• Phone interview
• Video interview
• Face-to-face interview
• HR interview
• Board interview
• final negotiation stage
Basic HR and disciplinary factors to consider

• Attendance
• Punctuality
• Discipline
• Dress-code
• Leave and day off
• Application and permission
• Performance indicator and productivity
• Job description
Basic ground rules at workplace

• Etiquette
• Courtesy
• Manners
• Socializing
• Blending with the culture
• When to talk and when not stop
• Communication and rapport
• Relationship building
Meeting, telephone, email etiquette

• Do's and don'ts in a meeting
• Do's and don'ts in telephone call
• Do's and don'ts in email correspondence
Demonstrate Professionalism

• What is professionalism?
• What is expected from a Management Trainee/ entry level professional
• Things that obstruct professionalism
• Tips of establishing a professional image at work and creating reputation
Presentation skills

• Preparing PPP
• Preparing for the delivery
• Making yourself heard and seen
• Creating interest and grabbing attention during prese

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Prof. Islam Md. Hashanat
  • 25 Jun - 11 Jul 2018

Stop hiding, start talking!

Freshers, Anyone looking for entry level job, even employees with 1-2 years of work experience.