Professional Training on QuickBooks Accounting Software training centre in Bangladesh

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Professional Training on QuickBooks Accounting Software


QuickBooks is an accounting software program used to manage sales and expenses and keep track of day to day business transactions, like invoicing customers and paying bills. It is used by millions of small businesses around the globe.


Hands-on practical sessions.

Contents of Training:

What is QuickBooks Software?
Create A Company
Add Customer
Add Vendor
Add Employee
Accountant Center Tab
My Company Tab
Income Tracker Tab
Calendar Tab
Snapshot Tab (Company)
Snapshot Tab (Payments)
Snapshot Tab (Customer)
Docs Tab
Reports Tab (Standard)
Reports Tab (Memorized)
Reports Tab (Recent)
Reports Tab (Contributed)
Enter Bills
Pay Bills
Sales Order
Create Invoice
Record Payments
Refunds & Credit
Statement Charges
Enter Time
Chart of Accounts
Items & Services
Record Deposits
Write Checks
Check Register

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Anyone wishes to learn Quick Books Software can attend this Training.