Administration Management Certificate Course training centre in Bangladesh


Administration Management Certificate Course


This Training is a powerful combination of Management, Written English & Excel skill sets for Admin Professional.

Successful businesses rely heavily on top-notch administrative professionals. Administrative assistant is the wizard behind the company curtain, the one who keeps the office running efficiently. Knowing the three T's of the industry — terminology, trends and technology — and being able to articulate them leads to be a savvy administrative professional.

This Training is composed of three different domains that help administrative assistant works with office software programs, including spreadsheets, databases, word processing and graphic presentation software.


Interactive Lecture, PowerPoint Presentation, Question and Answer Session.

Contents of Training:

Chapter One: First "T" - terminology

Session 01
1. Introduction
2. JD of Admin
3. Transport/Vehicle Management
4. Cleanliness
5. Courier Service
6. Maintain dispatch/Inward Register
7. Maintain Movement Register
8. Dress Code
9. Electrical/Sanitary
10. Safety & Security
11. Health & Hygiene
12. Handling Peon & Driver

Session 02

13. Compliance Issues
14. OT
15. Labor Laws/ other legal issues
16. Allowance Payment
17. Newspaper/Magazine bill
18. Fuel & Bill
19. Tour bill/Local Conveyance bill
20. Entertainment
21. Arrangement of Meeting
22. Receive the Local guest/Foreign guest

Session 03

23. Ticketing &Visa
24. Letter to the Embassy for Visa
25. Passport Renewal
26. Protocol
27. Secretarial Job
28. Accident/Hospital
29. Insurance Life/General
30. Telephone /Mobile Bill Payment
31. Trade License/Company Registration
32. Front Desk
33. Vehicle Registration/Fitness Certificate

Session 04

34. Lease Agreement
35. Knowledge about HR issues
36. Motivation & Order
37. Behavior & Attitude
38. Threat & Good Behavior
39. Patience in Service
40. HR behavior & Admin Behavior
41. Appreciation & Rewards
42. Development /Training
43. Authority & Responsibility
44. Trade Union

Chapter 02 : Second "T" - Trends

Session 05
1. General Rules for regular writing practice
2. Process of systematic writing
3. Technics of regular writing practice
4. Format of official writings- Application,Email,Memo, Meeting minutes
5. Common errors of writing from real life context

Session 06
6. Correcting faulty text as test of grammar
7. Correcting problems of Grammar related to Tense, Preposition, Punctuation &Subject-Verb Agreement
8. Sources of Vocabulary & related Quiz
9. Difference in English words & their applications
10. Practice session

Chapter 03: Third "T" - Technology

Session 07
Getting Started with Spreadsheet
Cells reference styles
Cells referencing or addressing
Excel key board shortcut
Data modeling concept
Data Visualization & Tools
Conditional formatting
Text to column
Data validation
Excel function and formula stands for
Categories of Excel functions

Session 08
Sumifs, Countifs, Averageifs function
Lookup, Vlookup function
Round, Roundup, Rounddown function
Subtotal , Sumproduct function
Microsoft Excel Graph-charts
Managing table columns
Excel chart elements

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Administrative professionals, individuals willing to acquire administration management skills and Professionals of the related disciplines starting from entry level to managerial positions.