How to Deal With Trade Union training centre in Bangladesh


How to Deal With Trade Union


The goal of a Business Organization is to create wealth for business owners. The role of HR is to coordinate all other Dept. to achieve this goal as strategic partner of the organization. Keeping this view in mind, the HR dept. performs one of the most important job to deal with Trade Unions. So the HR professionals need to have strong Trade Union Management skills and techniques. All Managers or Line Supervisors, not just HR Professionals, need a strong foundation in Trade Management concepts to do their jobs. Because, all Managers or Line Supervisors have such responsibilities.
This training is designed to give clear idea about Trade Union Management which is required in the activities of HR & Administrative professionals in the work place.

How participants will benefit after the course:

• Participants will learn how to handle Trade Union Effectively
• Participants will learn how to manage and develop Human Resource.
• Participants will learn the HR management and development skills, style, attitude, behavior etc.
• Participants will be aware of the legal rights of workers and the management.
• Interpersonal relationship will be developed.
• Managing capacity will increase.
• Healthy environment and congenial atmosphere will prevail in the organization


Interactive Lecture, PowerPoint Presentation, Question and Answer Session.

Contents of Training:

1. Introduction

2. Trade Unions & Industrial Relations
a) Special Definition of workers
b) Trade Unions of workers and employers
c) Application for Registration
d) Requirements for applications
e) Requirements for registration
f) Disqualification for being an officer or member of a trade Union
g) Registration
h) Registration of a Trade Union in a group of Establishment
i) President etc. not to be transferred
j) Cancellation of Registration
k) Restriction on dual membership
l) Unfair Labor Practices on the part of workers
m) Unfair Labor Practices on the part of employers
n) Enforceability of agreement
o) Collective Bargaining Agent
p) Federation of Trade Unions
q) Check – off

3. Participation Committee

4. Chartered of Demand

5. Industrial Disputes, Labor Court, Appellate Tribunal, Legal Proceedings etc.
a) Raising of Industrial disputes
b) Settlement of Industrial Disputes
c) Strike and Lock-out
d) Cessation of Industrial Dispute
e) Application to Labor Courts
f) Labor Appellate Tribunal
g) Illegal strike and Lock-out

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All HR Professionals up to GM/Director Any employee especially of Admin & HR dept. Any employee who may be assigned to work as an Industrial Relations officer/Manager. Any person who wants to gather knowledge on Industrial Relations.