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Smart Front Desk Management


This course is a combination of Front Desk Management, Communication and Office Etiquette.

A front desk person or a receptionist works at the front line of communications, providing aide to the administrative tasks and support functions ensuring information is provided in the right manner, as well as dealing with inquiries and requests from clients and colleagues even when multitasking and the situation is difficult. This role evolves around a crucial element of the organization- first Impression. This workshop will create a complete profile of the front desk personnel along with the tasks, roles and professionalism.
Communication plays a vital role in any environment, especially working atmosphere. We all learn to talk, listen response and react in a young age, however we are not always aware of the effectiveness of our communications. Success today is not destiny but hard work and the right effort, and a big portion of that right effort is effective communications. It is a must to read, hear, feel and sense the setup and responding accordingly. There will be session to let participants understand and recognize the situations better and make communication effective and productive.
At the end of the day, participants are expected to feel confident about the role, make a positive difference in performance by effective communication.


• Identify the roles of a front desk personnel/receptionist
• Comprehend the excellence in Customer Service in receiving guest/visitors/ clients and handling phone conversations
• Comprehend the role of an administrative personnel and apply knowledge according
• Describe the administrative tasks, multitasking and handling various complex situations efficiently
• Recognize various obstacles of the communication process in office.
• Identify the dos and don’ts of communication process in office.
• Execute the dos and don’ts of communication process in office.
• Communicate effectively and efficiently in an office environment.
• Demonstrate Professionalism as a front desk/admin personnel.


Lecture, Discussions, Demonstrations (role-play & digital), Simulations, Real life Case Studies.

Contents of Training:

Day 1: Role and Responsibility

• Role of front desk/administrative personal
• Knowing the job
• What is expected
• Exceeding expectation

Day 2: Everyday Work

• Meet and Greet
• Telephone etiquette
• Filing and record keeping
• Dispatch Management
• Meeting and Reservation Management

Day 3: The Challenges

• Handling difficult situations
• Handling challenging people
• Professionalism

Day 4: Customer Service and Communication

• Customer service meaning and extensions
• Customer service in every profession and arena
• Excellence in Customer Service

Day 5: Communication the master key

• Communication process
• Barriers of communication
• Verbal, written, email and tactical communications
• Communication style and technic
• Dos and Don’ts For effective communication

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• Freshers, receptionists, concierge
• administrative/ office support/ office assistant personnel
• with relevant work experience or no work experience
• looking for a receptionist or front desk position, applying or working as an admin role
• who want to identify shortcomings of their communication style/ technic and sharpen the skill