Managing People for the First Time training centre in Bangladesh

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Managing People for the First Time


This program is designed to provide the key to handle difficult people and get a clear idea of how to communicate easily to accomplish the result faster in a smarter way. It will also help the participants to handle people effectively.


Interactive Lecture, PowerPoint Presentation, Question and Answer Session, Group work, Game

Contents of Training:

Day I

Ice breaker: The Harmony Game

1. Basics of Personality
• What does personality mean?
• Basics of personality traits – types and outcome of
• Details about Personality–
o Understanding people
o Understanding the individual traits and how to manage each
o Individual activity 1
Particulars: Analyzing individual Personality traits to “Know Thyself” through test. We will conduct this Personality Test to reveal individuals personality
• Game/Activity – 1
• Video – 1

2. Dealing with Difficult People
• Why are some people difficult in our lives?
• How do we deal with difficult people in our lives?
• 3 Magic Sentences that you can use to resolve conflict situations
• 1 Magic Sentence to get you out of any difficult situation
• Game/Activity – 2
• Video – 2

3. Managing anger and emotions
• Understanding and accepting responsibility for anger
• How the appropriate expression of anger is a necessary step to resolving conflict
• Expressing emotions without accusation, sarcasm or hostility
• How to acknowledge a mistake without over apologizing
• Assertiveness, the anger antidote: How to ask the right questions
• How to get the root of the problem instead of battling the symptoms
• Game/Activity – 3
• Video – 3

4. Conflict communication skills
• How to overcome negative feedback as a personal attack
• How to turn negative self-talk into positive affirmations
• How to recognize the difference between valid feedback and a personal put-down
• How to acknowledge a mistake without over apologizing
• How to address a chronic disagreement and arrive at a mutually acceptable action plan for resolution
• How to say “NO” without generating anger or guilt
• Game/Activity – 4
• Video – 4

5. Importance of feedback in avoiding conflict
• Do we really give proper feedback?
• Game/Activity:
o The Feedback Game (Draw with or without feedback)
• The Johari Window
• The Experience Cube and giving “I- Message”
• Game/Activity – 5
• Video – 5

6. The Secret of Motivation
• The motivation questionnaire
• The motivation mantra
• Motivation 1.0, 2.0 & 3.0
• External Vs. Internal motivation
• Game/Activity – 6
• Video - 6

Day II

Ice breaker: Name and Expression

1. NLP Perceptual Positioning
• Explanation of the Perceptual Positioning – the victim, the attacker, and the God
• Game/Activity:
o Role Play of the three positions
• Analysis on the three point of views and how it helps us to reduce conflict in the workplace
• Game/Activity – 1
• Video – 1

2. Seek First to Understand Then to Be Understood
• Apply effective listening skills
• Deeply and accurately understand others
• Apply effective interpersonal communication skills
• Overcome communication pit falls
• Game/Activity – 2
• Video – 2

3. Openness and Trust among teams and cross-functions
• How openness really builds trust
• The Chicken and Egg Story (Whirlpool Diagram)
• Game/Activity – 3
• Video – 3
4. The “Circle of Concern” and the “Circle of Influence”
• Brief Analysis on “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen R Covey”
• Detailed discussion on the “Circle of Concern” and the “Circle of Influence”
• Game/Team Activity:
o What are the team’s Concerns vs. Influences
• The business of “Winning” - how to instigate positivity and positive thinking among the colleagues
• Game/Activity – 4
• Video – 4

5. The Chess Piece vs. the Chess Player - to help improve the sense of responsibility
• I am my own creator – don’t be a victim, be a player
• Stop giving excuses – take responsibility of your actions, stop the blame game and be a winner!
• The Chess Piece vs. The Chess Player
• Game/Activity – 5
• Video – 5

6. The Great Motivational Ending
• Human beings have tremendous potential, and can achieve anything. All you need to do is ask for it.
• Game/Activity:
o The Three Picture Game
• Game/Activity:
o The Perspective Hand Game
• Video – Nick Vujici
• Video – Shewli Shathi

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(1) New Young Professionals, Mid Level Professionals of any organization focusing on customer loyalty, customer retention & sale service.
(2) Leaders and managers who have responsibility for customer service within an organization
(3) Receptionists, Secretaries, Tele - Marketers, New Recruits, Frontline staff.
(4) Anybody who wants to learn how to manage people.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.