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Advanced Financial Modelling and Risk Management using Microsoft Excel 2007

  • Date : 09 - 10 February 2018
  • Duration : Day(9.30 AM-5.30 PM)
  • No. of Classes/ Sessions : 2 Days Long
  • Last Date of Registration : 8 February, 2018
  • Venue : Bdjobs Training, BDBL Building (Level 19), 12 Kawran Bazar C/A, Dhaka 1215.
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Financial modelling and risk management using Microsoft Excel are highly demanded professional affairs today. Though the course title emphasises heavily on finance and Microsoft Excel, development of sophisticated, comprehensive and dynamic financial model requires a little bit more than the skills in finance and spreadsheet applications. To be a professional financial modelling analyst it requires skills in system development, database, system security, project management and networking besides skills in finance and Microsoft Excel. Most of the contemporary training programs ignore these additional skills requirements. This course with the title “Advanced Financial Modelling with Microsoft Excel- Plan, Develop, Pack, Distribute and Protect” is developed with the objective of incorporating all these additional skills with the core finance and spreadsheet skills

Learning Outcomes
The course is designed for the professionals working in finance and accounting discipline having fundamental concepts of finance and Microsoft Excel.

1. Identify and Understand financial modelling scenarios and life cycle of a financial model and take necessary pre-development initiatives
2. Develop advance skills on Microsoft Excel Functions, Formulas and Referencing System
3. Understand and apply core and advance Financial functions needed in various financial activities
4. Understand risk management and take risk management decisions using What-if-analysis
5. Develop Costing, Budgeting and Other Financial Planning Models
6. Develop Investment analysis, Discounted Cash Flow Analysis and Portfolio Analysis Models
7. Making financial models dynamic using Control Tools
8. Implement security and sharing features as post-development activities


The programme will be delivered using formal lectures combined with practical and interactive case studies and exercises. There will be a great emphasis on gaining practical experiences.

Contents of Training:

Session 1: Financial Modelling Scenarios and Life Cycle
Scopes of Financial Modelling
Life Cycle of a Financial Model
Data collection and Assumptions
Application of Microsoft Excel in Financial Models

Session 2: Formulas, Functions and Referencing
Formulas with Absolute and Relative Referencing
Logical Functions
Lookup Functions
Financial Functions (Basic)

Session 3: Advance Financial Functions
Time value of money functions
Financial Evaluation Functions
Costing and Budgeting Related Functions
Accounting Functions

Session 4: Risk Management and What-if-Analysis
Risk Management in Finance
Goal Seek Analysis for Risk Management
Scenarios and Simulation
Advanced Referencing for Risk Management Models

Session 5: Costing, Budgeting and Financial Planning Models
Develop model for costing and pricing products and services
Prepare production, overhead and sales budgets

Session 6: Costing, Budgeting and Financial Planning Models
Prepare cash budget
Prepare pro-forma Financial Statements

Session 7: Investment Analysis and Planning Models
Develop a Investment Planning Model
Evaluate an Investment Project

Session 8: Investment Analysis and Planning Models
Discounted Cash Flow Analysis for Stock Valuation
Portfolio Analysis Models

Session 9: Model Control Tools
Drop-down Box, Check-box and Radio Button
Vertical and Horizontal Scroll Bars
Buttons and other Components
Macros and VBA

Session 10: Post-Development Activities
Testing models, finding Errors using Excel’s Error Handling Tools
Assigning Security
Adding Help Files and other Documents
Packaging the Model and Distributing

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People who’re involved in financial decision making, financial analysts, financial controllers, and anyone who wants to be a financial modelling expert.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.

Resource Person

Muhammad Arif-ur-Rahman

Management Consultant, Trainer and Speaker

Muhammad Arif-ur-Rahman is an independent consultant having expertise on traditional and Islamic finance, Accounting Information System, Cost Accounting, Management Information System, Project Management, Data Driven Business Research, Quality Management, Business Process Outsourcing, Business Development and ,most importantly, on learning and development. He also achieved number of IT certifications including Microsoft’s certification on Excel and ICDL certification computing and information technology.
In the recent years, Muhammad had worked as Head of Business Development of a leading BPO company in Bangladesh. Before that he worked for British investment firm as a Budgeting Expert. He has gained experience in consulting profession by working independently with a number of MNCs and major telecom operators in Bangladesh. He had successfully conducted more than 100 training programs on his expert areas over the last 5 years. His major academic area is finance. Besides this he carried on gaining professional qualification on management accounting, Islamic finance, project management and risk management.

Muhammad started his career as a web developer back in 2002. Later on, he independently worked as a software developer and developed number of finance and accounting software on sole effort. He also worked as lecturer in number of local universities, colleges and schools with British curriculum.
At present, Muhammad is dedicatedly working on various business consulting, professional training and development projects. He is one of the most popular trainers at Bdjobs Training.

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The programme will be delivered using formal lectures combined with practical and interactive case studies and exercises. There will be a great emphasis on gaining practical experiences.