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Drafting Corporate Agreement


Drafting is an Art. It is like drawing a Picture or Painting. We can perceive any transaction or deal in just by reading the Agreement similar to understanding the inner meaning of any fact just watching a painting or picture. In the Corporate World or Corporate Sector, the importance of Agreement can’t be denied in any way rather it bears extensive significance. Almost each and every type of deal in or transaction is made through written Agreements. In the international arena, this matter is largely applicable. If the drafting is made in well method complying with the required and relevant laws, rules and regulations, there is less possibility of complexity and difficulty in any transaction. But if the drafting is in faulty or incomplete form, it may certainly lead to complexity and create mistrust among the parties. And thus the business transaction may also be hampered and create huge losses to institutions, companies as well as corporate bodies. A single word may make a huge loss to your institutions or companies. So, I think, for dealing the business matters in a proper way, we need to have good agreements with the other parties.
In Bangladesh, the Corporate Sector is rising as well as enriching day by day. And the corporate culture, norms, rules, values are also developing in this sector.
The corporate culture largely demands the presence of written documentation in almost each and every matter. Moreover, our corporate sector has largely engaged in the business transaction with the other countries of the world as well. In this regard, the transaction largely demands and requires the presence of a written Agreement. Keeping in mind of the above matters, I feel the tremendous need of having sound knowledge in drafting Agreements in the right and appropriate way. And, the legal matters should also be complied with while drafting an Agreement. Besides, there are also some techniques, tips and guidelines in drafting an Agreement, otherwise; there may have raised a great problem in the future. Different corporate institutions make different agreements like, Lease Agreement, Rent Agreement, Sale Agreement, Purchase Agreement, Supply Agreement, Distributorship or dealership Agreement, Manufacturing Agreement, Mortgage Agreement, Loan Agreement, Joint Venture (JV) Agreement, Partnership Agreement, Consultancy Agreement, Construction Agreement, Licensing Agreement ,Software Development Agreements, Website Development Agreement, Loan Agreements, Employment Agreements ,Non-disclosure Agreement, Memorandum of Understanding( MoU), Business Agreement, Commission Agreement etc. and so on. And this may be from both the Public and Private sectors.
Last few years, I have practically worked on the Agreement matter and collected about more than 120 types of sample Agreements only on Corporate Matters and preserved them in my possession. And, I think, these will certainly make better to your business and this will certainly increase the profit of your company, institution, organization as well as increase the revenue of our Country.
The specific objectives of the training course are:

1. To know the drafting of Corporate Agreements in systematic way.
2. To be acquainted with the laws, rules, regulations, customs, cases etc. on this subject.
3. To understand Corporate Drafting perfectly through the practical experiences and examples.
4. To know the Corporate Drafting properly and appropriately.
5. To be acquainted with the common mistakes, loopholes, gaps and problems of corporate drafting and how these problems can be resolved.
6. To know the techniques of drafting an ideal Agreement.
7. To know how an Agreement may be Valid, Void or Voidable.

How participants will benefit after the course:

1. Participants will learn how to draft a Corporate Agreement in a proper and systematic way.
2. Participants will be able to protect their business from any loss due to unknown of any legal matters and compliance in drafting Agreements.
3. Participants will be able to boom their business by making balanced or good Agreements.
4. Participants will also be able to protect their national interest and also increase the economy of our Country.


PowerPoint Presentation, Practical drafting, Group Discussion, Question and Answer, Case Study.

Contents of Training:

Session- 01
1. Introduction to the techniques and practices of Drafting Corporate Agreements.
2. Definition, scope, types, differences and area of the Drafting Corporate Agreements.
3. Discussion of the essential and relevant legal matters and compliances of an Agreement.
4. Analysis of the essential elements of the ideal Contracts or Agreements.
5. Question and Answer session on first session.

Session- 02
6. Analysis of the essential elements or segments of national Agreements.
7. Analysis of the essential elements or segments of an international business Agreement.
8. The drafting and vetting of the local or domestic Agreements (practical).
9. The drafting and vetting of the International Agreements (practical).
10. Question and Answer session on first session.

11. How to draft an ideal Corporate Agreement (practical).
12. How to give opinion to an Agreement (Practical).
13. Real life and practical problem based solution.
14. Stamp matters in an Agreement.
15. Question and Answer session on second session.

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1. Corporate Lawyer/Legal officer/legal executive.
2. HR officer
3. Bank officer/ Pharmaceuticals lawyer/ Officer.
4. Compliance Officer/ Administrative Officer.
5. Any Individual Lawyer.
6. Law Students /Law Teacher.
7. Any person who is to deal in business transaction.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.