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Professional Etiquette for Supportive Staff

  • Date : Friday, February 16, 2018
  • Duration : Day(9.30 AM-5.30 PM)
  • No. of Classes/ Sessions : Day Long
  • Last Date of Registration : 14 February, 2018
  • Venue : Bdjobs Training, BDBL Building (Level 19), 12 Kawran Bazar C/A, Dhaka 1215.
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It is really unfortunate that office assistance working in different organizations of the country is the lowest qualified person with minimum educational background and professional experience. But it is quit surmising that in the completion of any task or work of an employee representing any level and any department, office assistance plays a major supportive role. Therefore, any inappropriate gesture of office assistance can result in a great loss for the organization. This training is designed to boost up office assistance ability, knowledge and skills regarding work station etiquette.

For the Employer, Management Body and HRD People:
Office assistance and supportive staffs are one of the most crucial and most important ambassadors of an organization. Any improper behavior or attitudes of the office assistance can create a negative impact on the clients, customers and on the peoples mind who are directly or indirectly associated with the organization. Supportive staff behavior on a certain situation or environment can create a great threat on the overall brand image of an organization. Improving the performance of the office assistance can improve and speed up the whole working process of the organization.

Objective of the Training:
Almost every work of an organization is carried on or finished by the support of office assistance. Therefore, it is extremely important for every organization to train up their office assistance regarding the professional behaviors and basic courtesies which can improve their performance as well as the performance of the organization.

•The main objective of this training program is to improve and boost up the overall performance of an organization by improving and brushing the knowledge, ability and behaviors of the office assistance.
•It will enable office assistance to learn professional communication techniques, effective telephonic conversation method and techniques to handle guest and clients properly.
•It will make office assistance understand their responsibility, role and their impact on overall organizational productivity and brand image.
•It will motivate them to work in a more sophistical way and professionally in a team.


Interactive, Assignment and Task Orientated, Group Activities and Multimedia Presentation

Contents of Training:

01.Purpose of this Training
02.What is training?
03.What is your necessity at your office?
Pre Assessment 01

Office Etiquette
04.Knowing Yourself
05.Introduce yourself and knowing your designation
06.Getting introduced to others, receiving others introduction.
07.Knowing your Firm
08.Knowing your organization business, services and operation process
09.Understanding your designation
10.Knowing the role and responsibility associated with your designation
11.Your responsibility being a subordinate and towards your subordinates
12.Understanding the impact of Team Effort
13.What sort of employee you are?
Assessment 02

Official Rules and Regulation
14.Understanding the true meaning of behavior Official Correspondence
15.Understanding the impact of Communication (Knowing the Communication system)
16.Importance of Effective Communication at your office
17.Telephone Etiquettes (Role Play)
18.Receiving a Guest and providing a warm welcome. (Role Play)
19.Communication between a client and an office staff.
20.Proper way of shaking hand.
21.Permission before entering someone’s room
22.Things to remember while communicating at Office.
Game 01 Effective Communication
23.Are you a good speaker
24.Are you a good Listener

Official Protocol in communication
25.Official way of talking with your coworkers.
26.Things to be done at the beginning of an office day.
27.Understanding the impact of your body language.
28.How to call or notify someone while he/she is already engage in a conversation.
29.Proper way of seating at your office
Game 02: Leadership, Proper way directing your subordinate, Team Effort
Assessment 03

Hygiene and self-Cleanliness
30.Ways to keep yourself clean
31.Maintain cleanliness at home
32.Controlling your sweat and bad smell
33.Taking care of your teeth

Personal Development: Becoming Professional
34.Official Dress
35.Importance of Official dress up
36. Dining Etiquette at your office
37.Proper way of using washroom
38.What is role model, becoming a role model
39.Official Identity
40. Guest/Client/importance of Customer Service
41.Service and Customer Services
42.Treating a guest well
43.Proper way to serve tea or snacks to a guest
44.Necessary things for Driver
45.Step to overcome accident and accidental situation handling process
46.Ways to clean office and maintain hygiene
47.Working procedure of a cleaner
48.Desk and Table Clean
49.Chair and window cleaning
50.Proper way of Handling Electric equipment
51.Things to be consider while and before fire accident
52.Protection process after a fire accident
53.Treatment for injured people
Assessment 04

Skill enhancement
54. Stress and anger management
55. Delivering an official letter, cheaque or money .
56. Letter receiving
57. Security
58. Dairy uses.

How participants will be benefit from the course:
Participants will be able to follow appropriate etiquette while working at the office in terms of behavior, usage of language and terminology, greetings, taking order from subordinates, proper conversation over telephone and will get to adapt techniques to improve communication skills, customer service and time- management.

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Office Assistance, Supportive Staff, Clerk, Peons, Driver, Receptionists, Personal Assistance, Secretaries, Front line staff, Messenger, Cleaner, Security Guard and anyone who desires to learn the optimal etiquette of a work station.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.

Resource Person

Mohammad Asad Bin Yousuf

Assistant Manager

Mr. Asad Yousuf has been working as a freelance skill enhancement trainer for well-known training houses of the country. He started his training career five years back. His areas of expertise are Core HR, Team Building, Employee Engagement, Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, Adobe Photoshop and Professional Etiquettes. Alongside he serves as an Assistant Manager, Training in one of the country’s largest job recruitment sites.

He started his career as a Manager at Arunima Resort Golf Club of Shabaz Tourism Ltd. in 2009. Later he moved to MH Apparels, The Designer and bKash covering Tourism, RMG, Mobile Banking sectors. He holds sound skill in Training Development, Recruitment & Selection, Training Coordination, Training Need Assessment (TNA) and Training evaluation. He conducted TNA & Coordinated Training for different MNC's. He also working as a PowerPoint Presentation & PPT template maker at upwork, emaze and graphicriver.

Mr. Yousuf has been working as a freelancer presentation and PPT template maker at upwork, emaze and graphicriver. Alongside his freelancing activity he is serving as an Assistant Manager at the training division of the country’s largest job recruitment sites. He started his career as a Manager of Shabaz Tourism Ltd. He has experience in working at Tourism, RMG, Mobile Banking and Training industry. He has vast experience in training coordination, training need assessment and training evaluation. He has started his career as a power point trainer last year through conducting in house training for his colleagues. Besides his daily works he is always tend to develop and enhance human skills at a significant standard. His area of expertise is office etiquette, basic computer skills, article writing, product review writing, presentation and designing. He volunteered in the International Conference on Autism Spectrum Disorders and Developmental Disabilities in Bangladesh under Bangladesh Tourism Board and many survey programs.

Till date Mr. Asad has attended near about Thirty professionals skill enhancement training programs conducted by well-known professionals from home and abroad. He has attended many computer training programs including Swift Office proficiency training from NIIT. He retains his BBA from IUB having major in HRM and minor in Media and Communication. He completed his MBA from Stamford University of Bangladesh having major in HRM. He earned another MBA from University of Dhaka in the department of Tourism and Hospitality Management. He is also entitled with PGDHRM degree from Bangladesh Institute of Management (BIM).

Interactive, Assignment and Task Orientated, Group Activities and Multimedia Presentation