Microsoft Excel 2013 - Learner to Professional training centre in Bangladesh

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Microsoft Excel 2013 - Learner to Professional


Microsoft Excel is most widely used productivity tool in today’s corporate world. Day to daycorporate analysis, reporting, tools and applications are prepared with Excel. Corporate industryrequires highest level of Microsoft Excel proficiency. Various departments like Finance &Accounts, Research & Development, Operations, Credit Management, Compliance, Admin &HR, Procurement, and Sales & Marketing etc. demand good command on Excel. It will be anadvantage for course attendees to learn practical and advanced usages of Excel for their dailyactivities. Excel allows us to accomplish a task in multiple ways which will be shown toattendees with Pros and Cons of the methods.


Practical examples, exercises & case studies with Q&A discussion sessions. The course is designed for practical Excel applications at participants� works rather than theoretical notes. Presentation slides will be provided after course usage. Participants will go through with relevant examples that they can relate to their daily office works.

Contents of Training:

Various Parts of the XL Window

Tabs | Minimize the Ribbon | Customize the Ribbon

Cell, Row, Column | Range Examples | Fill a Range | Move a Range |
Copy/Paste a Range | Insert Row/Column | Hide Row/Column | Custom Lists | Comments

Some Other Relevant Tools:
New Line in a Cell | Quick Access Toolbar | Merge Cell | Wrap Text | Text Alignment | Format Painter | Hide Gridlines | Freeze Panes

Open an Existing Workbook | Close a Workbook | View Multiple Workbooks | Workspace

Select a Worksheet | Rename a Worksheet | Insert a Worksheet | Move a Worksheet | Delete a Worksheet | Zoom | Split | Freeze Panes | View Multiple Worksheets | Spelling

Find & Select:
Find | Replace | Go To Special | Copy Visible Cells Only

Paste Special:
Skip Blanks | Transpose | Add or Subtract

Paste to .doc:
Embed | Paste Link

Page Setup:
Header & Footer | Page Number | Page Margins | Page Breaks

Format Cell:
Numbers to Text | Leading Zeros | Add Text

Cell References:
Relative Reference | Absolute Reference | Hyperlink | Linking Data

Contents of Training Import Data from Other Source:
From Access | From Web | From Text File

Print a Worksheet | Print Multiple Copies | Workbook Views | Center on Page

Password to Open | Password to Modify | Mark as Final

One Column | Multiple Columns | Sort by Color

Filtering | Number and Text Filters | Date Filters | Advanced Filter | Remove Duplicates | Subtotal

Conditional Formatting:
Highlight Cells Rules | Top/Bottom Rules | Data Bars | Color Scales | Icon Sets | Find Duplicates

Data Validation:
Create Data Validation Rule | Input Message | Error Alert | Prevent Duplicate Entries | Product Codes | Drop-Down List | Dependent Drop-Down List

Insert a Table | Sort a Table | Filter a Table | Total Row | Table Styles

Create a Chart | Change Chart Type | Switch Row/Column | Chart Title | Legend Position | Data Labels | Column Chart | Line Chart | Sparklines

Pivot Table & Chart:
Pivot Table | Pivot Chart

Date & Time:
Year, Month, Day | Date Function | Current Date & Time | Hour, Min, Sec |
Time Function | DateDif | Weekdays | Last Day of the Month | Day of the Year

Count and Sum Functions:
Count | Countif | Countifs | Sum | Sumif | Sumifs | Count Logical Values | Count Blank/Nonblank Cells

Text Functions:
Join Strings | Partial Strings ( Left , Right , Mid ) | Text to Columns | Lower/Upper CaseLookup

VLookup | HLookup | Match | Index | Choose

Round Functions:
Round | Round Up | Round Down | MRound | Even & Odd Logical Functions:
IF Function | AND Function | OR Function

Data Analysis:
Goal Seek | Data Consolidate

Turn on Developer Tab | Command Button | Assign a Macro | Record a Macro

Mail Merge
Why Mail Merge | Mail Merge Process | Final Mail Merge

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This is an exclusive for them who have experience working with Microsoft Excel and would like to learn more about creating dynamic reports and dashboards.