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Facebook Marketing for Professionals


This is the Facebook Certified Advanced level course on Facebook marketing designed for marketing professionals.

Facebook Marketing for Professionals is an advanced level course on Facebook marketing designed for marketing professionals and top managements. This training offers in depth technical knowledge on all the aspect of Facebook marketing tools and strategies.

It is well established all around the globe that “digital marketing” is the latest must-have skill set for a marketer in the 21st century. In Bangladesh, when we talk about digital marketing, it’s basically Facebook Marketing. So, for the marketers today having proficiency in Facebook marketing is no more an advantage rather, an essential element for career growth and performance. It’s the time’s demand now to learn and utilize Facebook as a marketing platform.

This training is a specially designed training for the marketing professionals covering the advanced tools and techniques of Facebook Marketing so one can target better and achieve greater ROI from their marketing efforts. The curriculum of this training is designed & developed by Facebook and a Facebook Blueprint certified trainer will conduct the training.



Contents of Training:

Session 01: Introduction to Facebook Marketing
Fundamentals of Facebook for Business, Application of Facebook Marketing in Sales Funnel & Business specific USP based approach for Facebook Marketing

Session 02: Facebook Pages & Posts Best Practices
Creating Facebook Page, How & What to Post, Post Formats, Boost Posts, Insights

Session 03: Facebook Ads: Campaign Objectives
Introduction to Ads Manager, Different campaign objectives & best practices

Session 04: Facebook Ads: Targeting Audiences
Define your audience, Facebook targeting options, Core Audience, Custom Audience, Look-A-Like Audience

Session 05: Facebook Ads: Impactful Creative, Facebook Ads Policies & Shop
Ad formats, Effective messaging, Engaging visuals, Ad review process, Restricted & prohibited contents, 20% Text Policy, Setting up & best practices with Facebook Shop

Session 06: Facebook Messenger
Messenger for Business, Connecting through messenger, Messenger ads, Sponsored message Ad, Success Case & best practices

Session 07: Brand Awareness Campaign & Local Business Promotion
Essence of brand awareness, Campaigns, Targeting & Measuring, Local Awareness Campaign, Targeting & Measurement

Session 08: Generating Leads with Facebook & Re marketing
Leads Ads, Formats & Placements, Tracking & Monitoring, Re marketing

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o Marketing Professionals
o Digital Marketer
o Digital media Managers
o Social Media Managers
o Brand & Communication Professionals
o Mid-level Marketing Managers
o Start Up Founders