Supply Chain Management and Procurement Strategy for Professionals training centre in Bangladesh

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Supply Chain Management and Procurement Strategy for Professionals

  • Date : 07 - 28 March 2018
  • Duration : Evening(6:30 PM-9:30 PM)
  • No. of Classes/ Sessions : 6 Sessions
  • Class Schedule : Monday and Wednesday
  • Total Hours : 18
  • Last Date of Registration : 6 March, 2018
  • Venue : Bdjobs Training, BDBL Building (Level 19), 12 Kawran Bazar C/A, Dhaka 1215.


Supply chain management is the act of integrating any or all activities associated with supply chain flows that occur inside or outside the company. Supply Chain Management is the management of the business supply chain, where the supply chain includes any function that is required to produce and deliver the final product to the customer. More specifically supply chain functions include: managing supply and demand, selecting sources for raw materials or parts, producing / assembling / packaging, warehousing, maintaining and tracking inventory, managing order entry, and providing distribution across all channels including delivery to the customer.

Supply Chain Management synchronizes the efforts of all parties—suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, dealers, customers, and so on—involved in meeting a customer's needs. The approach often relies on technology to enable seamless exchanges of information, goods and services across organizational boundaries. It forges much closer relationships among all links in the value chain in order to deliver the right products to the right places at the right times for the right costs.

Effective supply chain management enables the company to make informed decisions along the entire supply chain, from acquiring raw material to manufacturing products to distributing finished goods to consumers. Fast and effective flow of both information and materials is essential for improving the supply chain. Supply chain management has emerged as the new key to productivity and competitiveness of manufacturing and service enterprises. A Supply Chain is a network of supplier, manufacturing, assembly, distribution, and logistics facilities that perform the functions of procurement of materials, transformation of these materials into intermediate and finished products, and the distribution of these products to customers. Supply chains arise in both manufacturing and service organizations. SCM as the fulfillment of the marketing process - from conception to consumptionProcurement is the business management function that ensures identification, sourcing, access and management of the external resources that an organization needs or may need to fulfill its strategic objectives. Procurement exists to explore supply market opportunities and to implement resourcing strategies that deliver the best possible supply outcome to the organization, its stakeholders and customers

How participants will benefit after the course:

• Participants will refresh their understanding of the basic tenets of corporate strategy, its strengths and opportunities, and how to leverage and enable them.
• After the course attendees will be able to assess their current strategic position in supply chain operations and reframe their current supply chain operations to align with the firm's objectives
• The course proposes a customizable framework for supply chain strategy that fits the needs of any industry and any scale of operations. Participants will know how to use it and tailor it to their specific needs.
• Participants will know how to plan, manage, negotiate, distribute, and even render customer service.
• Identify the key drivers of supply chain performance and how these drivers may be used to improve performance
• Know how to turn supply chain management into a competitive advantage for the organization
• Have an understanding of how to map, analyze and model a process so as to identify and remove redundant processes and bottlenecks.
• Evaluate the strategic purpose of supply chain management and its relationship with tactical and operational decisions
• Understand and analyze the challenges facing various industries in design and long-term planning of complex supply chains,
• Gain a clear understanding of the impact of procurement on competitive advantage
• Be skilled in applying powerful and practical tools for managing procurement and supply
• Appreciate the major issues affecting the procurement function
• Understand frameworks to manage risks and opportunities for sustainable supply chain management on a global scale


PowerPoint Presentation, Brainstorming, Case Study and Classwork

Contents of Training:

Session – 1

* Inspirational Video music
1. Introduction to Supply Chain Management(SCM)
2. Supply Chain Concept
3. Understanding Key Supply Chain Management Process
* Relaxation Video / Meditation
4. Fundamentals of Supply Chain Management
* Video Exposure related to SCM
o A few definitions of SCM
o What is Supply Chain
o A typical business process flow in a Supply Chain
o Activities in a supply chain
o Customer relationship management
* Relaxation Video / Meditation
o Customer service management
o Demand management
o Supplier relationship management
o Cost management
o Returns management

Session – 2

* Inspirational Video music
5. Forecasting and Aggregate Planning in Supply Chain
* Video Exposure related to SCM
o Identifying organization materials needs and requirement
o Ensuring needs matching sourcing
o Strategic sourcing
* Relaxation Video / Meditation
6. Pricing and Negotiation Management in SCM
o Market and Economic Analysis.
o Procurement Pricing, Tendering and Contracting

Session – 3

* Inspirational Video music 7. Strategic Inventory Management
* Video Exposure related to SCM
o Effective Storekeeping and Stores Management
o Ordering Procedures and Stock Level Management
* Relaxation Video / Meditation
o Inventory Control System
o Issuing Processes and Stock Record Management

Session – 4

* Inspirational Video music
8. Outsourcing / Partnerships
* Video Exposure related to SCM
o Procurement outsourcing
o Service management
* Relaxation Video / Meditation
o Vendor-managed inventory
o Managing vendors under an outsourced distribution policy

Session – 5

* Inspirational Video music
9. Performance Measurement in Supply Chain
o Issues that affect intensity of distribution
* Relaxation Video / Meditation
o Supply chain value analysis
o The importance of metrics (supply chain performance measures) including chain-wide metrics

Session – 6

* Inspirational Video music
10. Understanding major challenges to effective supply chain management
o Variability
o Organization silos
o The Bullwhip effect
o Trade-offs.
* Relaxation Video / Meditation

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• Entrepreneurs, ,Professionals in all Categories in Top management ,Senior, Mid and Entry level Management Peoples, Managers, Executives, in all levels in Multinational, National, Banking Sectors, Financial Institutions ,Insurance Industries, Microfinance Industries ,Real Estate Developers and Construction Contactor Companies, Leasing Companies., NGO,s and Individuals working aiming to deepen their Skills & expertise. Individuals currently working in or aiming to deepen their skills and expertise.

• People who work or are planning to work within Supply Chain Management, e.g. operations, process management, operations planning and control, purchasing and procurement, logistics and distribution, amongst others.

• People with a background in support functions such as sales, maintenance, finance, marketing, quality, etc who wish to gain a better understanding of Supply Chain Management issues, concepts, models, tools and techniques.

• The course is specifically designed for those who are interested in learning new skills and the best business practices in the areas of Purchasing, Manufacturing and Distribution. This course will be beneficial for those currently working in: Supply Chain, Freight Forwarding, Production Planning, Procurement / Purchasing Inventory / Materials Management, Production / Manufacturing Logistics / Transportation Finance Sales and marketing

• Anyone for whom SCM improvement is a priority.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.

Resource Person

Dr. Mohammad Ali Khalid

Adjunct Faculty-MBA,Ahsanullah University of Science & Technology

Dr. Mohammad Khalid is Consistent, energetic and talented, Passionate, self motivated individual with a drive to succeed, having excellent organizational skills and a management researcher with a strong desire to advance his position in the work force to expand his knowledge and skills, with a proactive approach to performance. Dr. Mohammad Khalid has been associated in the field of Business Development, Overseas Procurement, Administration, Human Capital Development, Inventory Control ,Government Regularity Affairs, Training and Logistics Management for the last 38 years at home and abroad in Multinational, Sector Corporations, Service Industries and Nationally reputed Organization in senior most and responsible position. During the tenure of service, he earned lots of creditability and achieved significantly in the related areas' of Human Capital Development and Management. He is a researcher and recently published articles on “The Strength of Human Resource in Organization” and “Stress Management and Motivation”.
Dr. Mohammad Khalid has started his carrier in 1975 in managerial cadre (Class 1 position) in Adamjee Jute Mills' Ltd. (100 % owned by Bangladesh Government) and extensively trained by P. A. Management Consultant, British Mission in Bangladesh after having M.Sc from Dhaka University and in later part obtained Doctor of Philosophy(PhD) from USA.
Dr. Khalid also engaged in Toyo Engineering Corporation (TEC), Japan in 1986 and served for about a decade as Project Coordinator and Head HR and Admin in Bangladesh Office, Dhaka to facilitate for the construction, commissioning, commercial production and Operation and Maintenance Services (OMAS) of Chittagong Urea Fertilizer Factory (CUFL- Project ) Funded by ADB,SFD,OECF,CIDA and Bangladesh Government in addition to Ghorashal Fertilizer Renovation Project (GFR- Project) and awarded as best performer for outstanding achievement. He also served in Rahimafrooz Bangladesh Ltd., Desh Group of Companies, Dhaka, Gonosyastha Kendra, (National NGO’s), Dhaka in senior most position. He was holding in the position as Director and Executive Director in large National NGO's.He is Director, Academic Programs of Professional Institute of Business.

PowerPoint Presentation, Brainstorming, Case Study and Classwork