Microsoft Excel for Finance and Accounting training centre in Bangladesh


Microsoft Excel for Finance and Accounting


Automate you Accounts and Finance Functions

Finance and Accounting professionals do their financial analysis and modeling works using latest spreadsheet tools like Excel. Day to day financial analysis, reporting, modeling, tools and applications are prepared with Excel. It will be an advantage for course attendees to learn practical and advanced usages of Excel for financial analysis and modeling at office and academy.

How participants will benefit after the course
HANDS ON EXPERIENCES. Most widely practiced Financial Analysis and Modeling topics using Excel are covered in the course syllabus with practical exercises. Participants will do the live exercises along with the trainer to learn faster and effectively. Learning the required Excel functionalities in course will ensure participants high performance in their career and academics.


Office Productivity Series - Microsoft Excel is designed for practical applications at works rather than theoretical notes. Participants will go through with examples that they can relate to their office or educational works.

Contents of Training:

Future Value
Future Value Case - Investment with Compounding
Future Value Case - Investment VS. Borrowing
Future Value Case - Ordinary Annuity VS. Annuity Due

Present Value
Present Value Case - Investment with Compounding
Present Value Case - Periodic Cash Flow
Present Value Case - Cash Flow Comparison

Net Present Value
Net Present Value Calculation Basics
Net Present Value for Investment Decisions
Net Present Value for Different Time Intervals & Cash Flows

Internal Rate of Return (IRR)
IRR calculation for Investment Decision
Modified Internal Rate of Return (MIRR)

Straight Line Depreciation
Double Declining Balance Depreciation

Periodic Payment
Borrower & Lender Point of View
Balloon & Delayed Payment
Period Calculation for Periodic Payment

Amortization Payment
Interest Payment Calculation for Periodic Payment
Principal Payment Calculation for Periodic Payment
Cumulative Interest Payment Calculation for Periodic Payment
Cumulative Principal Payment Calculation for Periodic Payment

Effective Annual Rate (EAR) Calculation
Annual Percentage Rate (APR) Calculation

Financial Analysis
Payback Period calculation for Investments
Goal Seek to solve financial equations
Break-Even analysis
Solver for finding optimal solutions

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Training is the most helpful thing to remember our education or apply to our actual workplace. Md. Mahadi Hassan Momen, Executive - Audit, Wizemanns Boggie Consultant Pvt. Ltd.
Target audience for this training are Finance and Accounting professionals and people who aspire to pursue their career in Finance or Accounting related areas. Target departments of this particular training are Finance, Accounting and related departments.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.