MS Excel for Management Trainees and Interns training centre in Bangladesh


MS Excel for Management Trainees and Interns


Microsoft Excel is most widely used productivity tool in today’s corporate world and education sector. Day to day corporate analysis, reporting, tools and applications are prepared with Excel. It will be an advantage for course attendees to learn practical and advanced usages of Excel for office and academic activities. Excel allows us to accomplish a task in multiple ways which will be shown to attendees with Pros and Cons of the methods.

How participants will benefit after the course:
HANDS ON EXPERIENCES. Most widely practiced Excel topics are covered in the course syllabus with practical exercises. Participants will do the live exercises along with the trainer to learn faster and effectively. Learning the required Excel functionalities in course will ensure participants high performance in their career and academics.


Office Productivity Series - Microsoft Excel is designed for practical applications at works rather than theoretical notes. Participants will go through with examples that they can relate to their office or educational works.

Contents of Training:


Common and Special Operations
Worksheet (Insert, Modify, Move, Copy, Delete, Rename, Hide/Unhide)
Paste Special tricks by Values, Formulas, Validation and Transpose
Search for a value in the whole workbook

Cell References, Formatting & Styles
Column and Row locking with Relative (A1) and Absolute($A$1) cell references
Managing Worksheet and Workbook references in formulas
Number formatting for Decimal, Percentage, Thousand Separator and Currency
Date, Time custom formatting with full Day Name and Month Name

Sort, Filter and Advanced Filter
Sort numbers and words with single or multiple columns(level)
Add or remove Filter Bar instantly
Text and Number filters with Fuzzy Match, Top 10 and above average items
Date filtering with Days, Weeks, Months, Quarters and Years
Filter by cell Background color or Font color

Working with Chart Components (Axis, Categories, Series, Legend)
Resizing, Moving and Copying Charts
Formatting and Styling Charts with 2D, 3D and Round effect
Creating Column, Line, Pie, Bar, Area and Scatter Charts

Arranging Pivot Fields in Report Layouts (Row Label, Column Label, Values)
Grouping and comparing Dates by Month, Year, Quarter and Days
Working with Report Filter options
Subtotalling and Counting data using pivot table
Working with Subtotal, Row Total and Grand Total options

Functions (Math)
Adding all numbers in a range using SUM Function
Counting total numbers or texts with COUNT-COUNTA function
Finding smallest and largest values with MIN- MAX function

Functions (Text and String)
Convert texts to UPPER, LOWER or PROPER case
Join multiple cell values with CONCATENATE - &
Break or extract a portion of text with LEFT-MID-RIGHT function
Finding total number of characters in a text

Functions (Lookup)
Lookup vertically using VLOOKUP

Functions (Date)
Construct a Date from partial Day, Month and Year values
Construct a Date from a text format
Automatically update and show today's Date

Printing and Graphics
Print repetitive titles on each page
Header-Footer with Page Number, Current Date, File Name and Location
Print whole worksheet in a single page

Data Fix & Cleanup
Find and Remove Duplicate Values or Rows
Convert Text into Number
Convert Number to Text

Delete Blank rows from a list
Powerful Auto Fill Handle techniques for Numbers and Dates
Break cell contents into separate columns by Text To Column

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"It was good" Mehnaz Mono, Manager - Admin & HR, Terre des Hommes Italia
"Very Helpful" Habib Touhid Aman
Yes, its a good workshop on Ms Excel. I have received good knowledge in Ms Excel from this workshop" Sabiqun Nahar
Management Trainees, Interns, Students, New Joiners, Fresher, New Executives, Teachers, Developers, Researchers and people who use Microsoft Excel for their daily tasks and activities.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.