Career Path Planning and Development for Employees training centre in Bangladesh


Career Path Planning and Development for Employees


Career path involves understanding what knowledge, skills, personal characteristics, and experience are required for an employee to progress his or her career laterally, or through access. The career path encompasses the employee's desired destination and the steps, experience, and development he or she will need to make progress on the journey.

Training Outcomes
For Individual:-
o This knowledge helps him select the career that is suitable to his life styles, preferences, family environment, scope for self-development etc.
o It helps the organization identify internal employees who can be promoted.
o Internal promotions, up gradation and transfers motivate the employees, boost up their morale and also result in increased job satisfaction.
o Increased job satisfaction enhances employee commitment and creates a sense of belongingness and loyalty to the organization.
o Employee will await his turn of promotion rather than changing to another organization. This will lower employee turnover.
o It satisfies employee esteem needs.

For Organizations:-
o Efficient career planning and development ensures the availability of human resources with required skill, knowledge and talent.
o The efficient policies and practices improve the organization's ability to attract and retain highly skilled and talent employees.
o The career plan continuously tries to satisfy the employee expectations and as such minimizes employee frustration.
o Protecting employees' interest results in promoting organizational goodwill


Lecture interaction , Individual dialogue ,One to One Session, Group Exercise, Handouts, Participant Learning by Providing Multiple, Flexible Methods of Presentation, Expression and Flexible Options for Engagement, Video Exercise / Exposure, Video Posture related to Human Resources, Question and Discussion .

Contents of Training:

Career path

o Describing, understanding, and managing career paths
o Career paths - Fundamental components
o Current Challenges and Opportunities
o Career path Development Efforts
o Career path Model
o Career path Attributes
o Career path Patterns
o Conceptual model and Outcomes
o Career Paths and Talent Management
o Career Success Factors
o Connecting the Employee to the Organization
o Engaging the New Workforce
o Company Strategies, Visions, Priorities, and Goals;
o Strategic Workforce Planning
o Succession Management and Identifying Employees for Higher-Level Roles
o Career Paths and the Industry Perspective
o Career Paths and the Economic Development Perspective

Career Planning and Development

o Promotion , Transfer and Demotion
o Industrial Relation
o Industrial Conflicts
o Ethics in Human Resource Management
o Leadership
o Work Environment , Industrial Accident s, Safety and Security
o Grievances, Discipline, Counseling and Mentoring
o Trade Unions and Employers Associations
o International Human Resource Management
o Total Quality and Human Resource Management

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HR Professionals in Top management, Senior, Mid and Entry level Management Peoples, Managers, Executives, in all levels in Multinational, National, Banking Sectors, Financial Institutions ,Insurance Industries, Microfinance Industries ,Real Estate Developers and Construction Contactor Companies, Leasing Companies., NGO,s and Individuals working aiming to deepen their Skills & expertise.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.