Business Intelligence for Manager training centre in Bangladesh

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Business Intelligence for Manager

  • Date : 24 February - 09 March 2018
  • Duration : Evening(6.00 PM-9.00 PM)
  • No. of Classes/ Sessions : 4 Sessions
  • Class Schedule : Friday & Saturday of every week
  • Total Hours : 12
  • Last Date of Registration : 23 February, 2018
  • Venue : Bdjobs Training, BDBL Building (Level 19), 12 Kawran Bazar C/A, Dhaka 1215.


‘Profit Centre’ is one of the successful concept for each and every business. Now a day some capable organizations are concentrating on Profit Person instead of Profit Centre. Whatever the concept is, the unit manager or the supervisor must have the clear understanding and concept regarding Profit as well as Business.

People are working in different departments. They must have the competencies for the particular function. But the focus area of any department or person should be the business goal achievement of the organization. To ensure this focus each and every person should have minimum idea about Business. The first target for ensuring business intelligence is Managers.

It is assumed that if Managers of any organization have clear understanding about Business and they focus on it, the Top & Bottom Line of that particular organization will be healthy. Tis workshop will give a very basic idea about Business Intelligence and will create thirst for learning more about business.

Objective of the workshop: After completing the workshop people will:

• Learn the basic concept of Business Intelligence
• Realize the Role of Manager in Business Growth
• Ensure Cross Functional Cooperation
• Learn Financial Intelligence
• Be able to Lead Business
• Be able to apply different concept for Business Growth


Case Study
Role Play/ Simulation
Lecture Discussion and
Sharing/ Participatory

Contents of Training:


Module-1: Business Literacy

• Concept of Top and Bottom Line
• Mindset differentiation between business and job
• Input-Process-Output Model
• Understanding of Different Business Model
• Business Success Factor

Module-2: Cross Functional Learning & Cooperation for Organizational Success

• Cross Functional Literacy
• The pillars for organizational success
• Contribution of different functions in Business Management
• Inter Functional Competition vs cooperation
• Functional Success vs Organizational Success
• 6 (Six) Fundamentals of Business Management

Module-3: Financial Intelligence

• Financial Terminology
• Financial Ratio and its uses
• Financial Instrument Analysis
• Scope of Financial Analysis for Managers

Module-4: Business Growth & Manager’s Role

• Management Strategies that affect Business Growth
• Manager to CEO: Stairs of Business Decision
• Competitive Advantage for business Growth
• 5 Steps Model to ensure Business Growth
• Task of Manager in every step

Module-5: Tools for Sustainability & Business Growth
• Concept of different Business Management Tools
• BCG Matrix
• Ansoff’s Growth Matrix
• The GE-Meckinsey Growth Matrix
• The Long Run Return Pyramid

Module-6: Role of Manager in Proficiency, Productivity, Profitability

• Concept of PPP [Proficiency, Productivity & Profitability]
• Factors affecting PPP
• Drivers of PPP in organization
• Hindering Factors for PPP in organization

Module-7: Business Process Reengineering [BPR]: Concept & Impact

• Business Process Analysis
• Business Process Breakdown
• Lead Time vs Value Added Time
• Gamba Walk for Process Reengineering
• Impact of BPR in Productivity & Profitability
• Kaizen & Lean Management in Office

Module-8: Stakeholder Management

• Identification & Management of Stakeholder
• Customer Centric Culture and Action
• Role of every Manager in Internal Customer Satisfaction
• Role of every Manager in External Customer Satisfaction

Module-9: Waste Management and Profitability

• Surface Waste and its reduction strategy
• Eight Type of Waste & its reduction strategy
• 5 S: perfect tool for waste management
• Value Stream Mapping

Module-10: Business Leadership

• Insight Thought of Business Leadership
• 4 Competencies for Leading Business Process
• Competencies to LEAD the Business Decision
• Competency Framework for a Business Leader
• Challenges of Business Leadership
• 10 (Ten) Traits of Business Leader

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Resource Person

Rupak Nasrullah Zaidi

Trainer, OD & HR Practitioner, Business & Management Consultant

Mr. Zaidi is Training, Organization Development and HR specialist having more than 17 years’ experience in different industry. He is a Business Process Reengineering Consultant. He is a senior Fellow of Management & Strategy Institute – USA. He has exposure as KPI consultant at home and abroad. He has completed Masters in HRM under the University of Dhaka. He received World Training & Development Leadership Award in 2016. He is Member of KPI Institute Australia. He is a certified Lean Office Professional. He is a Professional International Member of Association for Talent Development [ATD, largest association for training & development worldwide], a member of Certified Professional Trainer Network [CPTN] - Canada & certified Trainer from City & Gild– UK. He is also member of American Management Association (AMA) and Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) USA. He is also a Management Consultant accredited by Institute of Management Consultant Bangladesh. Mr. Zaidi attended as speakers in International Conferences in Singapore, India and Nepal. He also presented papers in different National and International Conferences. He is also guest faculty for leading Private Universities in Bangladesh.

He has conducted training in different organization on different soft and hard skill. He is an expert trainer in HR, Operational Excellence, Office Kaizen, Office ‘5 S’, Lean Office, Salesmanship, Organization Development, Organizational Leadership, Team Building, Change management, Negotiation, Customer Service and other soft skills. He has also exposures in Management Consulting. He did consultancy for more than 15 organizations regarding their HR & Compliance Audit. He also did management consultancy for organization restructuring and development, HR Auditing, HR Setup. He also runs Assessment Center for different organization. He is an HR Auditor and also a good motivational speaker. He worked on Training with renowned multinational, national, group of companies on different topics.

He has contributed in the HR Development in the country through his research based studies, knowledge sharing sessions, analytical paper preparation, information based module and material preparation and sharing. He is now servicing in Power Grid Company of Bangladesh Ltd. as DGM-HR. He is the Secretary General of Professional Society for Bangladesh [PSB]. He is the fellow member of Bangladesh Society for Human Resources management [BSHRM], member of Worldwide Trainers Forum.

Mr. Zaidi has rendered Consultancy Service for Business Process Reengineering, Setting KPI, designing effective Performance Management System, Running Assessment Centre, Organization Restructuring, HR Audit, Process Development, Competency Mapping for Human Resources, Organization Development, for more than 30 organizations at home and abroad. He is an expert Performance Coach for different functions. He has conducted training in different countries including Singapore, Malaysia, India, Nepal, Bangladesh.

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Case Study
Role Play/ Simulation
Lecture Discussion and
Sharing/ Participatory