Self - Development for Professional Excellence training centre in Bangladesh

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Self - Development for Professional Excellence


Self-mastery comes through self-assessment, self-discipline and self- determination. Yes you can stand as students, professional or even an experienced portfolio but having the right way to living daily life is highly important. This learning intervention has specially designed with most effective self-discovery tools to assist the participants to reconnect with their authentic power and live life with full potential. Over this course, Mr. Rayhan will work and assist individual to prepare their strategic action point for professional & personal excellence.

Objective of this Training

o Enable delegates to understand the role of the Catalyst in everyday worklife
o Be able to plan, organize, manage and successfully undertake professional challenge
o Transforming individual as “Self Performance Coach”
o Transformation of personality by Self-assessment and identifying the right solution individually
o Life changing learning intervention to help a person from ‘no one’ to ‘Someone’ useful to one’s family, company and society
o Preparing IPD (Individual Development Plan) for every delegates focusing on long term career sustainability
o Preparing A Vision with effective timeframe to stand in a successful personal


Interactive Design, Video Review, Templates, Participant Handout, Hands-On, Case Studies, Assessment, Engaging, Group Discussions

Contents of Training:

The Vow:

o Breaking “The Box”
o Extra ordinary approach: Celling on the Floor

Foundation for “Self Excellence”:

o Leadership & Human Inside
o Building Character for Excellence
o Tuning the Believe System
o Unleashing the Potential of Self-Management
o Secrets of Developing Personality
o Consistent Consistency (EDSPW)
o Crafting Corporate Excellence: The daily act

The Mastery Guide:

o 100 Solution Chamber: The Lab of Leadership Meth
o Shifting from Transactional to Transformational
o The Balanced Model of “Excellence”
o The Roadmap for “CHANGE”
o The chemistry on Leadership Excellence & Success tire
o Achieving the Greatness Mastery
o Time Management, Priority Setting & Personal Effectiveness
o Communication in TEAM and the charisma for scientific feedback approach

Vision: The Game Changer

o The Audacity of Hope
o Setting Vision and Defines Alternatives
o Projecting the Action Point
o The Method of Attaining goal
o The subconscious minds proper utilization

Ritual on Building Professional Habits:

o Wisdom on Self Development
o The second chance!
o The golden disciplinarians of Mastery in professional life
o Roadmap: The beginning to personal greatness
o The power of habits and positivity

The Success Manifesto:

o Grow within! o Action point and sum up

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Anyone who wants to develop his/ her leadership potentials.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.