Leadership Program for Managers & Senior Managers training centre in Bangladesh

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Leadership Program for Managers & Senior Managers

  • Date : 27 - 28 April 2018
  • Duration : Day(9:30 am-5:30 pm)
  • No. of Classes/ Sessions : 2 Days
  • Class Schedule : Friday - Saturday
  • Last Date of Registration : 26 April, 2018
  • Venue : Bdjobs Training, BDBL Building (Level 19), 12 Kawran Bazar C/A, Dhaka 1215.



Leadership is about achieving the desired result through collective commitment. It is both a science and an art which can only be perfected over a period of time through continuous learning efforts and on the experience. There is no perfect leadership style, only one that is the most ideal in the situation based on the organizations culture and the specific job function and team players involved. This would be intensely participative two day training course that will both explain the key facets of the leadership skill as well as provide ample opportunities for delegates to practice and become familiar with the technique using generic and real life examples. This two day Leadership & People Management Skills course is designed to help concern managers & leaders develop the essential skills necessary to meet their leadership responsibilities. Over this course, Mr. Rayhan will work and assist individual to prepare their strategic action point for professional & personal excellence.

Course Benefits
At the end of this 2-day workshop, the participants will be able to:
• Define what leadership is and how it is applied at all levels of organizational management
• Understand the application of leadership and inspiration through outdoor activity
• Determine what is necessary to lead teams and organizations, and how to integrate this with business management
• Develop skills in communicating, influencing and negotiating with peers, subordinates and senior managers
• Become skillful at assessing leadership traits and qualities in ourselves and others
• Learn how to develop leadership in ourselves and others (creating new leaders)
• Appreciate the importance of organization culture and the leader’s role in establishing it
• Understand key success factors (KSFs) for successful rollout of Management of Change in dynamic organizations


Interactive Design, Video Review, Templates, Participant Handout, Hands-On, Case Studies, Assessment, Engaging, Group Discussions

Contents of Training:

• “The Silent Circle” – Why Are We Here?
• Leading booster dose for kick off the session
• Sharing the basic method and how to follow the session

Leadership: The Intrinsic Transformation
• Leadership throughout the history
• Contemporary leaders: What makes them successful and what the recipe?
• Debrief and discussion: Defining leadership styles
• Are there specific traits and competencies of a successful Leader? What if I don’t fit the “Type”?
• The leader of tomorrow: The CORE attributes – Identifying through Motivational game
• Determining my leadership strengths and improvement area
• Designing a plan for maximizing my leadership capabilities
• Visiting own leadership barriers trough assessment procedure
• Practical Exercise: Breaking away from ineffectual leadership tendencies
• Leveraging my strengths and overcoming my potential barrier to be the leader of tomorrow

Setting the Vision and Moving the Organization Forward
• “One Minute Leader” – A scientific proven method and implication
• Revisiting the mission and vision
• Adventure outdoor task: Finding own cheese
• Making it happen: Developing communication strategies to link the vision with an implementation plan
• Case study: Leader vs. Manager; Good time to close for it

Shifting with a Shifting Culture: The Paradox in professional world
• What is corporate culture and what is change agent?
• Group exercise: Understanding values (Value base customized exercise)
• How to determine culture shifts (Video Case study )
• Team base learn-shop game activity: to exercise creativity
• What to do when your team’s style isn’t shifting with the changing tide
Leadership and Coaching
• What is coaching and mentoring?
• Understanding Own – personal attributes (Group Task of own coaching skill)
• Traits and 15 secrets of developing personality
• Active listening and questioning
• Inner Game and GROW Model with Practical Implication and demonstration

Initiating Change& Change Management through Inspiration
• Make change appetizing, even irresistible
• Designing a plan for major changes
• Making strategic ideas to lead change
• Design and deliver briefings that persuade
• Dissect the leadership team’s current approach to change
• Create a plan for team success: Are we seen as a team that others want to follow?
• Outdoor group task to initiate change and doing something by own
• What is “Failure”? And what’s inside?

Feedback Karma & Mantra with TEAM Building Outdoor Activity
• What's in it? (RAY model on Feedback)
• Introducing and Preparing for 1 to 1 Environment
• Golden Regulations to Provide Effective Feedback
• Introducing TEAM meeting Environment to Execute Effective Feedback
• Preparing for Team building – Team base group task for explore
• Complete Scientifically Infrastructure of the Feedback Process by Managing Expectation
• How to implement the process in work environment

Lead Successfully
• Habits of successful personal and the usage of regular life
• Putting it all together
• Action plan for leadership success
• Q & A, evaluations

Exclusive Feature:
• 45 days of IDP (Individual Development Plan) with action point
• Priority Setting technique with execution strategy
• Empowerment from the Leadership Meth Lab™
• 30 days free one to one coaching based on real case scenario
• Special edition of “LITTLE BLACK BOOK FOR STUNNING SUCCESS” for every participant

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Managers, Senior Managers, Leaders with experience, Leaders who are managing leaders, Senior profile with large leadership capacity (CXO).
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.

Resource Person

Mohammed Masud Rayhan

Masud Rayhan a performance-driven professional with more than 10 years of combined expertise(Telecommunication & Bank) in Leadership, Human Resources management, recruiting, sales, customer service, corporate learning and development. Currently Rayhan is heading “Learning & Development” unit in a leading local Bank. Rayhan have proven expertise in the development of innovative learning initiatives to streamline processes and capitalize on organizational growth opportunities. A creative thinker, problem solver and decision maker who effectively balances the needs of employees with the mission of the organization. As a trainer: worked with several local and multinational organizations to ensure the positive shifting of the learning curve. As former “Head of Training & Information Management” CS- Grameenphone, he has worked very closely in several learning interventions for people development.

Designed, developed and lead the creation of training programs (Soft skill / HR functional) with more than 4500 hours of training conduction. Proven experience in Training Management, Stand-up Presentations, Performance Improvement, Instructional Design, Instructional Systems Development, Leadership, Potential Assessment, Design and Development, Training Administration, Sales & Customer Service Management, Online Training Development. As a certified trainer Rayhan has worked in the development and implementation of the various organizations' training and development strategic learning plans. Involvement in creating and managing training standards, expectations and measurements that builds employee competencies and an environment of continuous learning. Experience in developing cost effective training options to meet specific business needs of the organization and create a high performance workforce. Expertise in ensuring the quality of training through effective needs assessments, course design, qualified instructors evaluation, training resource materials, and learning reinforcement strategies.

Academically Rayhan has completed his BBA, MBA from Dhaka, Bangladesh and finally ended up with ACBA from IBA, Dhaka University. Several times stands in the platform of "Best Leader" from GrameenPhone Ltd.(CS Initiative). Rayhan’s extraordinarily inspirational presentations are fully customized through self-research process, rich in practical content that people can use immediately, and cautiously designed to assist individuals move to all new levels of performance, courage and individual fulfillment. Moreover, along with external corporate training Rayhan is involved with different private universities (East West University, Independent University, Stamford University, South East University, Northern University, Army Institute of Business Administration, BUBT)in Dhaka, Bangladesh for professional inauguration program.

Interactive Design, Video Review, Templates, Participant Handout, Hands-On, Case Studies, Assessment, Engaging, Group Discussions