English for Corporate Communication training centre in Bangladesh

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English for Corporate Communication


With the development of market economy, the deepening of reform and open-up and the further strengthening of economic globalization, English for Corporate Communication is receiving more and more attention and is showing unprecedented momentum. As a sub-division of English for Specific Purposes (ESP), Business English is difficult to define and limit in linguistic terms. As with other varieties of ESP, Business English implies the definition of a specific language corpus and emphasis on particular kinds of communication in a specific context, the context of workplace.

course objectives
It is a fully demand oriented customized program concentrating on :

General Objective

To develop the reading skills to enable them to skim an adapted text for main idea, to scan an adapted text for specific information, to interpret an adapted text for inferences.
To develop the writing skills to enable them to respond to input applying information to a specified task, to elicit, to select, to summarize information from business correspondence.
To develop the listening skills to enable them to understand and apply specific information from the input.
To develop the speaking skills to enable them to use general, social and professional language.
To develop the general capacity to a level that enables them to use English in their professional environment.

Specific Objective :

To develop the overall understanding of English language of the participants in all sorts of office correspondence
To develop the writing skill needed to run daily official purpose
To develop the listening skill to a certain level that helps to meet up the need of correspondence
To develop the speaking Fluency along with Accuracy which helps them to run the verbal communication.



Contents of Training:

Session - 1: Writing Session

Business Letters :

Format, Different parts & linguistic expressions for that.
direct & Indirect approach of letter.
How to write Good news letter & Bad news letter

Email :

Format & Linguistic expressions
Etiquettes & Netiquettes for email writing


Linguistic expressions of memos for Business Proposal

Session - 2
: Speaking Session

Brief introduction on Phonetics (Monophthongs& Diphthongs)
British Vs American Accent
Correction of common mispronounced words
Speaking practice in real life situation like :

Analyzing Problems
Asking for Information
Closing a Conversation
Discussing Agenda Items
Making Appointments
Meetings and Discussion
Dealing with other departments
Company Description
Describing Business Activities
Describing Jobs
Describing Products
Describing Projects
Expressing Appreciation
Forward Looking Statements
Job Responsibilities
Terms of Payment
How to Say Negative Things in a Positive Way

Session – 3

Common errors in writings
Common errors in Speaking

Session - 4
: Reading & Grammar

Extensive reading
Intensive reading
Grammar – what & why

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