Source VAT(VDS) for Govt, Semi-Govt, Autonomous Body, Bank, Insurance, Financial & Educational Institution, NGO & Others training centre in Bangladesh


Source VAT(VDS) for Govt, Semi-Govt, Autonomous Body, Bank, Insurance, Financial & Educational Institution, NGO & Others


VAT is a very important matter of today’s life. Everybody comes across different matters of VAT in course of his daily life. It is more important for them whose decisions matter for their businesses, industries and offices. People dealing with VAT, finance, procurement, management, supply chain, income tax, audit, compliance ect. in different businesses, industries and offices require to know many things regarding VAT, some of those matters are tricky in nature.

Deduction of VAT at source has been such an area where many concerned people could not yet have transparent knowledge. Lacking such knowledge, they could not deduct VAT as source properly and could not observe the next formalities resulting in troubles for their businesses, industries and offices ending in more losses. Provisions regarding VDS are now clearer than the past days. But many concerned people do not have adequate knowledge and proper training on this. Implementation level knitty-gritties cannot be understood reading only the provisions of law. So, hands-on training is required for observing the formalities of VDS. Attending this program, the participants can obtain up-to-date knowledge regarding the procedures and formalities of VAT Deduction at Source. Regarding VAT deduction at source there remain numerous questions in the minds of the concerned persons.

Attending the program, it may seem to them that many of the problems and queries were of so easy nature but those could not have been resolved because they could not put those up to a proper forum or authority and they did not have small amount of directed knowledge that can solve such questions. A list of questions regarding various aspects of VAT Deduction at Source will be discussed.

Thus, participants will be familiar with solutions to a host of queries regarding those issues. Attending the program, the participants would be able to contribute to the sound fiscal management in their businesses, industries and offices.

How participants will benefit after the course:
The purpose of this program is to provide the participants up-to-date knowledge regarding procedures and formalities of Deduction of VAT at Source. Thus attending the program, the participants can:
- develop knowledge and guidelines regarding Deduction of VAT at Source; thus they can find solutions to their many queries;

- run the fiscal management in their organizations in far better way;

- protect their organizations from future troubles;

- develop their career in VAT, finance, procurement, management, audit and accounting, supply chain etc.


Lecture, discussion, question and answer.

Contents of Training:

1.What is VAT deduction at source (VDS)?

2.Who should deduct VAT at source (VDS)?

3.List of 39 services where VDS deduction is obligatory and their rates;

4. Procedures of VDS regarding the services outside the above 39 services;

5. Special procedure of VDS on Procurement Provider, commonly known as supplier;

6. VDS deduction on supply received from importer, manufacturer, trader;

7.Where VDS does not require to be deducted?

8.What is to be done after VDS deduction?

9.Posting of vouchers under proper head of accounts to avoid audit objection;

10.VDS compliance starts from negotiation of purchase;

11.VDS is almost everybody’s subject;

12.VDS reflections in VAT return form;

13.What is to be done by the supplier?

14.Meeting VDS audit related objections;

15.VDS Tips;

16.VAT on traders and VDS;

17.Definition of services and VDS;

18.Questions and Answers

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Anybody related with trade, commerce and industry can attend the program. Specially, those officers and executives dealing with procurement, finance and VAT matters in businesses, industries and various offices will be benefited from the course. Officers assigned to deduct VAT at source in different offices can attend the program to know from where and how to deduct VAT at source. Chief executives of businesses and industries can attend the program to keep themselves up-to-date regarding VAT matters. People doing VAT consultancy can attend the program. Auditors of Audit and Accounting Firms can attend the program. Above all, officers and employees of VAT department can attend the program.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.