Construction / Project Work Safety Management training centre in Bangladesh


Construction / Project Work Safety Management


A developing nation like Bangladesh is growing its GDP by 7% on average year on year. Construction work is the name of the game now. However, this involves hazards and high level of risk which can cause fracture, bone dislocation, blindness, disability, death, and many diseases. It is of utmost importance for project managers to understand the technicalities as well as management systems needed to sustain.

This training program will provide the participants with the knowledge of major hazards in construction work and how to manage safely.

Participants will be benefitted by –
 Knowing about hazards in construction work
 Management Systems, Technical aspects
 Safe System of Work
 Building capability of people

Thorough understanding and implementation of the same in the workplace will reduce injury potential, reduce cost due to accidents, improve employee morale, and make the construction work safer.


 Lecture and Presentation
 Real Life Project Examples
 Workshops in Groups
 Video Clips

Contents of Training:

 Introduction
 Hazards of construction work
 Hierarchy of Control
 Proactive and Reactive Management System
 Management of Height Work
 Management of Hot Work
 Management of Electrical Work
 Management of Excavation
 Management of Demolition Work
 Management of Crane Operation
 Inspection and Maintenance
 Monitoring and Supervision

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