Environmental Management System (EMS) training centre in Bangladesh


Environmental Management System (EMS)


To be a good corporate citizen and to effectively fulfill Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) one must do agenda is adding value to the environment in which business operates. A business because of its nature can impact the surrounding environment in various ways – the peak of these are the pollution to soil, water and air. Many companies across the world are adopting ‘GO GREEN’ in its entire business operation. Green supply chain, green logistics, green building, green factory are the buzzwords ringing around. Green business is not only a CSR activity but this is imperative for a business to build image and reputation, delight customers and consumers, leaving behind a legacy for next generation to ensure sustainability but also a very profitable concept for a business. An energy efficient, water efficient, waste efficient company can significantly bring down its utility cost.

To reduce impact on environment and maximize profit there is no alternative to have a robust and structured approach towards environment management. It is required to identify the aspects and impacts on the environment, find areas of improvement opportunities, prioritize action to bring benefit to environment and business itself. This course will certainly help professionals to look into the various aspects of environmental management system.

The participants can get benefit from –
1. How to do Environmental Aspect-Impact Assessment (EIA)
2. Develop Environmental Management Frame Work
3. Key Performance Indicator (KPIs)


 Lecture and Presentation
 Real Life Project Examples
 Workshops in Groups
 Video Clips

Contents of Training:

 Introduction
 Management Framework
 Legal Requirement
 Energy Management
 Water Management
 Waste Management
 KPIs
 Auditing
 Prioritization
 Inspection, testing
 Monitoring and review

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